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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. RAWFULZ at your Personal Photo.

  2. Oh lol :P It's 2 am for me :P

  3. Hey Mike, how are you this morning?

  4. Happy Birthday! :)

  5. 8th? *Scratches head*

  6. we'll miss you! :(

  7. Come on MSN, well appear offline. I need to talk to you?

  8. Exams are gone... I have been doing course work... I will not be active on Friday though. I am going to Alton Towers as a School trip sort of thing.

  9. nm, you?

  10. I've been good :P Anyway, how have you been?

  11. Sorry about that Ash-Bash, i am tired...

  12. Yeah, Google is your friend.

  13. That animated graphics in your sig of two guys smacking each other through the computer monitor made me laugh...

  14. Hey (lol, at your personal picture)

  15. It works fine :S

  16. Lol, joking :P. Anyway, I'll probably start it up again in June or July. I need a break, it was a tiring job. However, I may make a few tutorials up.

  17. Lol, isn't that like Abusage of the Report System? I was going to ask for it to be closed later. thanks!

  18. I'm tired making sigs but I will continue making them for the gang and for people via PM but this time I will choose if I want to make them.

  19. Olá, Spider-Vice!

  20. I was off school today and I can't come on MSN... yet.

  21. Thanks. Same to you ;)

  22. Hey RaDi0N!

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