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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Yeah :P. I am glad things are indeed going to calm down.

  2. Yeah. It was a mistake I made because I was going into profile Views Descending and accidentally clicked Join Date Descending.

  3. Gerard had to ban each of Andys 8 Accounts last night. Very strange, very strange indeed.

  4. In the introduce yourself topic?

  5. Andy why don't you introduce yourself to the forums?

  6. Happy Birthday Mate

  7. Ivan, just ignore him for now. That Andy Member...

  8. TM, TFY, GTA Don & Connor working as a team!

  9. Yeah, I saw Sky Do it :P

  10. lol you own TM :P

  11. No Problemo! :P

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Hey man, I'm gonna defend you a little bit. You are being flamed in the Hate Topic.

  14. Hey Huck, We have the same Birthday :P July 11th

  15. 5 Star Member. Woah!

  16. Hey Happy birthday in advance!

  17. It doesn't matter anymore. I already sent you your sig :P

  18. He (Hazer) won't be able to remove it for a while. He got a 28 Day Suspension.

  19. I can make some if you want, too.

  20. It's probably better if you don't PM, it may be classed as PM Advertising. PM me on your forum perhaps.

  21. At least we agree on something :s

  22. Hey, Do you have any userbars or anything that I can advertise your site with. Its gone a bit inactive and it would be cool if it was to get alive again...

  23. I could have done the cars at the time they had blown up :P

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