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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Yeah. i post Some useful Posts Though

  2. Ok cool. I was born in England

  3. Hey TMTM [/LOL]

    Tommy Montana Trademark.


  4. lol. i am able to change my name tomorrow.........lol

  5. errrm No Actually you didn't. Who is Pwtrick anyway

  6. Hey Man How you doing

  7. Highwire Just Stretched your Page. Delete his Comment to Fix It.

  8. lol. Need to decide.

  9. I Was more or less thinking that could not have been you

  10. They were actually Amusing. Your First Ever Posts. :lol:

  11. I had a Look back at your Posts...........;'s

  12. You should be 5 Star not 3 Star. Anyway I rated 5 Star

  13. Hey Man Ignore TOXIC. Your not a n00b. He is?

  14. No not really. But He sold me 10 Weapons..........................

  15. Im too Young to die.

  16. did you know Silb sold me his Weapons. :lol:

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