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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. i wanted to get away from most of the hassel. Read the Private Forum

  2. hey.

    Me and FireX (Woozie) have left Venato Mafia incase your wondering

  3. Hey Welcome to the forums Mate

  4. Hey. How are you

  5. Happy Birthday.

  6. Hi. Thanks for joining my forum. How are ya.

  7. I liked the dazza bars You made me. Thanks

  8. Funny post when you said about going to zoo and thinking of a gorilla as FakeG

  9. Thomas.

    That post you made about waking your parents up made me laugh lol

  10. Hello

    Nothing much up

  11. Thomas.

    Hi! Good RPing/Flamming in the

    Topic what Jade made

  12. Im good aswell

  13. Hi How are ya.

  14. im all right.

  15. Hi How are you

  16. Do you still run 777 Jackpot casino

  17. I rated you 5 Star. 500 Posts almost

  18. Happy Birthday.

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