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  1. Half of the people in my contacts are indeed blocked. I hate random people IMing me too but I just lol at their attempts to try and contact me. example "hoo r u?????" *blocked* They added me so I'm like "wtf" and "lol" at them. if they added me they should know who I am.

  2. Nah, I was just wondering because I haven't seen you on in a long time.

  3. I think here flu is considered more dangerous in terms of meaning whereas over where you are it means something in between a cold and the British Flu... Anyway, I never see you on msn anymore, I've started to come on more often and even left it on during school and overnight last night. Not done that in a long time.

  4. Yeah it proably a different meaning here

  5. Here's some advice then, if you think it's flu then go to the doctor, flu can kill. another thing is get some rest and I sure hope you get well soon.

  6. A flu or a cold? I have a cold though, runny nose, cold nose etc. Why does it all have something to do with the nose, it feels like the worst place to have snot. :S

  7. That sucks. Migranes get really annoying and sometimes painful because they mess with yor eyes etc. Hope you get well though. :)

  8. Yeah, you really think I'd brag over "thanks" and what not :P It'd need to be something much serious... lol... Why you feel like shit? Bug going around. I'm fine, tired but that's typical for 10:30 pm :P

  9. Damn, that sucks. I saw you playing in alderney doing the exotic cars in your own game not multiplayer

  10. S-V, get on XBL, I want a game to see how well you do :P

  11. I thought it would confuse you. it was meant to do that :P How are you?

  12. GTA IV, I bought seperately but with the bundle I got Kung Fu panda and Lost the Game.

  13. Hey, I'm good. Happy about the Xbox 360 though :P

  14. May I add you to XBL, mate?

  15. Thanks, not got alot of friends yet. Just needed some friends to start off with.

  16. Yeah but everyone has an excuse and my excuse is my exams. :P

  17. I know, it's a good thing you've still got it because not a lot of people still wear my sigs. I don't make that much graphics anymore.

  18. Hey Gerard. May I add you as a friend on XBL? I just got it today. How are you?

  19. Hey, how are you? I was also wondering - since, I got XBL today - if I could add you there?

  20. Hey, nm. The site is down for now because my server is getting a massive virus scan and defrag. It only really happens 3 times a year.

  21. Hehe, i didn't think you still used the sig I made you last year.

  22. Hey, haven't talked to you in a while. How are you?

  23. I'm good, just managed to get XBL up too so I'm pretty happy.

  24. I got XBL, I added you.

  25. Yeah, I got the PM. I'm good too, tired though, school is stressful.

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