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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. I know you did. :P I think I'm just confusing you now? y/n :P

  2. It's up to you. :P I don't entirely mind if you put the thanks or not :P

  3. Hey, how are you? and your msn pm thing said you were in Italy, How was it?

  4. Almost 9000 posts, man. And looking at your other comments... wtf did you do on the night of 2nd January :P

  5. Hey, man. I made you another graphic for the gang scene. I don't want to flood your pm inbox with pms though so I'll give it to you later. The sigs have actual pictures (taken by Noru) from the Bayside Mafia server in January 2008 when the LCF and BM played in their free time.

  6. lol You should've put *Thanks Thomas for the sig* or just "Thanks to Thomas for the sig" instead of "Thanks thomas for the sig". Random. and cool pic btw.

  7. Hey, I was wondering if you had MSN? If not then no worries. How are you?

  8. You need to update your About Me page about the XBL bit.

  9. lol... HAI SCOTT!

  10. Merry Christmas and a happy birthday!

  11. I've been better. I hate the winter :P

  12. Hey! Yo haven't been around much :( How have you been?

  13. I didn't notice that. lmao

  14. Zombies? lol People have some imagination on that sort of stuff. I'm not bad, got a cold as usual :P

  15. What's with the bolt or gear? lol How are you?

  16. ... luvin the sig btw

  17. If you're wondering, I got the 360 today :D

  18. I'll probably never get GTA IV for PC simply because I don't like playing games on the computer, it's much, much harder because of the keyboard and mouse.

  19. I'm happy. How has your day been?

  20. yeah, I kind of changed my mind though. At least I get to play GTA IV instead of looking at pics of it :D

  21. I'm eventually getting an Xbox 360 and GTA IV :D

  22. Hey, how are you? Sorry that I couldn't come on MSN today.

  23. So, how was your day today? Thought I might ask because I'm bored with nobody posting anything.

  24. Same but I don't walk to school, I usually walk home from school.

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