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  1. Bonne nuit! Comment allez-vous?

    C'est un tres bonne nuit! Je vois que vous parlez le francais! C'est tres bonne! Est-ce que autre des personnes parlez le francais a le (au) GTA Place?

    lol, j'ai dis peu de mes dernieres sentences un mois apres le voitre....

    Je seulement un peu du francais.....

    Probably a minor mistake?

    Je ne connais pas d'autres personnes qui parler le francais sur le GTA Place. Bien que je connaisse d'un peu de websites de GTA que parlent francais.

    Je peux voir que tu sais peu de francais mais c'est bien.

  2. Om Nom Nom...

    Anyway, I knew TGTAP's birthday was in November, I just didn't know what date. I've been here since March 2007, it's a great site. I hope it keeps going, at least for another three years so it can celebrate its 10th birthday but it would be wonderful after that.

  3. That language thing is a good idea. Maybe we could have a thing (Like a drop-down box)to select which language they can view the forum in. Like we could put 5 or 6 popular languages and when someone comes online they can view the forum in their language. Also when the person has their language on and is viewing the forum they could make a topic in their language and if we have it on English we could still see it. Is that possible?

    I think the best idea is to create forums that are language specific. So that we don't need to spend a lot of time on translating the whole site. What I presume is that there will be a General Discussion and GTA Forum for that particular language. The forum name would be, most likely, the name of the language in that language like "Deutsch", "Français", "Português" or "España", or alternatively it could say that it is the forum of that particular language "Le Forum de 'The GTA Place' en Français", "Le Forum de Français" or "Le Forum de Français sur The GTA Place".

    These forums will most likely function the same as the English one but with specific Forum Bosses keeping an eye on discussion there as some members of staff may not know the language that is going to be used.

  4. I would prefer, personally, GTA [insert City/Country Name]. I think that the Roman Numerals should end at X.

    GTA I

    GTA II


    GTA IV

    GTA V

    GTA VI



    GTA IX

    GTA X...

    It looks a bit persistent to be honest.

  5. Maybe start a trial in a common language first that has multiple members who speak the language on the forum like Portuguese. Spiver Vice, Ivan, Dirty Harry, for example, could all start it up. Maybe start with any of the following languages and see how it goes:






    Russian OR


    This is what I'm suggesting, any of these I believe would be the best to start with. I recommend out of those Portuguese, Spanish, French or German since we have a lot of members who have some sort of knowledge of those languages.

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  6. I generally don't post in the FFM private forum (mainly because it's getting inactive and boring). I think the biggest problem of forum activity is that members have quite a lot more going on in their personal lives, I have many reasons why I can't come on, like today I had to walk 10km from Linlithgow to my town to raise money but this resulted in me grabbing a cup of coffee and sat down at the PC to come on the forums for a change. My life is getting busier because:

    • I'm partaking in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
    • I prefer to hang out with my friends.
    • I want to get good grades at school.
    • I want to learn things at home that I can't at school like Italian, Portuguese and the Cold War.
    • I am becoming more and more active in terms of sport and have joined various school clubs, the best of my abilities being used in the Badminton club and in two weeks, the Badminton tournament. I go to a Youth Club on Friday nights as well.
    • And so forth.

    This causes me to forget about TGTAP and do other things like Facebook, watching the TV and, sometimes, going to my friends' house.

    Another problem might be that many guests who view the forum may be looking for answers but don't speak English or has very little knowledge of the English language. This has been discussed before - making TGTAP a multilingual or bilingual website with many members who can speak more than 30 languages between us all to help with it.

  7. What if these people only want help? What if they didn't want to join in the first place but couldn't look for the topic in question because they can't use the search feature (I believe)? I think the forum is fine basically as is, yes it does get boring sometimes but I still come, albeit every 4 days, but I still come. It doesn't have to look good for people to come, it has to look at least satisfactory for people to come and this forum looks way above satisfactory.

    Here's a suggestion, if we didn't slag off some of the new members, they might actually stay because the last time I checked, although this was a few years ago, new members were being insulted and didn't want to come back. For example, Hazer, he wasn't perfect but nobody liked him because he didn't know the rules and was persistent. To sum up:

    Less hatred = more and better new members.

    Maybe if we merely point out to that member that they're doing something wrong, then they might actually do something to fix the problem. If you look at my first ever posts, you'll most likely find that I was the same as these newbies and people like TM, Gerard and Nate helped me to fix my problems back then.

  8. I have been all that active either lately, I do come on twice a week though. It's simply because I don't often get the chance to come on and if I do go on the internet I usually forget.

    It might also have something to do with the fact that I am generally wanting to talk to my friends a lot more. I spent a lot more time texting than I do on the internet (Sent 1200 texts from October 4th to yesterday and 1000 received).

    There's more but I have to go to school so I don't have the time.

    I'll add to it later.

  9. I'm getting the game cheaply - genuine, from a friend for £25 - over the next few weeks, I've never really liked CoD games but I've only played the old ones (CoD2 and CoD3). So I'm hoping it's good. :)

  10. You and I both. I've only been to Sarasota, Orlando, Newark and Tampa.

    I have posted in here before but a new Vice City would be great. I personally am wanting this new city to be around the same size as the GTA IV version of Liberty City as the size of that city was perfect. I am hoping that if they go with Vice City that there will be much more islands as with Miami, I seem to love islands in games.

    In addition, I would like to see a new rendition of Las Vegas (or Las Venturas in the GTA Series). It would really be cool to see. Las Venturas was a relatively small city in GTA San Andreas but a bigger version of it in the next GTA game would be great. I'm thinking that Las Venturas has greater possibility than say Los Santos as Las Venturas is mentioned a lot more in GTA IV although this conclusion means nothing, Rockstar have always done this, mentioned the next city along with various other locations to trick us and to get us to start thinking about it.

    I have always fancied a European location but it seems less likely for a GTA game to be set outside North America or the USA as there has only really been one GTA game that has.

    If it were to be an American or Canadian city that was chosen, I would love to see a depiction of:

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Chicago, Illinois

    Miami, Florida

    Toronto, Canada

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Elsewhere I would love to see a depiction of:

    Paris, France

    London, United Kingdom

    Glasgow, UK

    Berlin, Germany

    Naples, Italy

    Tokyo, Japan

    Mexico City, Mexico

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  11. GTA Vice City Gameplay & Help Suggestions and Feedback

    If you have any suggestions or feedback please do not hesitate to post in here. It is recommended that you do post your problem or suggestion otherwise we cannot do anything about it. This topic is not for posting problems, feedback or suggestions about Grand Theft Auto Vice City or about Mods made for GTA Vice City - this is what this forum is made for.

    A log will be made of suggestions - along with the suggestion's status - and feedback.

    Suggestion and Feedback history:

    No History as of Sunday 27th September 2009

  12. What is Spoosh exactly? I can't find it at all on Google or TGTAP. If you want it installed correctly you might have to change some settings in your Anti-Virus program's options so that it allows you to access the download. If you want to use the file then you're going to have to change some settings but you can always change them back once you have finished making the download work on Vice City.


    Make a back-up of necessary game files before using mods.

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