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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Your site isn't really working, mate :(

  2. lol at that 056california dudette.

  3. Seriously, don't leave man.

  4. Hey Alkaline, how are you?

  5. nm really. Bored to death though, you?

  6. I forgot I even made you it :P Anyway, no problem man ;)

  7. Just general fun though, I enjoyed that war because we won.

  8. Lawl, there was a long flame war in my comments which I wish I never deleted :P Me pwning Johnny Kazuki. So how's you today?

  9. Lol, remember that flame war between me and Johnny-Kazuki in the comment box of mine. I/We owned :P

  10. That guy 'coffin dealer' needs to get a life :P How's you?

  11. Plenty of people. I had a look through my 33 pages of comments and most were utter shit. Hardly any were by you though.

  12. Deleted all the comments from before today. Some of them were nasty and very immature.

  13. Lol, yeah :P Still 50 to go ;) lol

  14. where are you when I need you :P on msn

  15. lol, it's going to change to Thomas. again. :P

  16. omg you r teh don of gta

  17. I live in Lionthorn, falkirk, Scotland :P cum rape me :P j/k

  18. Who the fuck voted you down to 3-Stars :@

  19. v How many v's can be in this comment box :P

    NCFC ftw, Man UTD ftl.

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