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  1. A bit of a bump, w/ SR4 & GTA5 it seems timely. A couple things to start off


    1): Johnny Gat = Epic, Trevor would be his towel boy.


    2):Saints (2) has the septic avenger, the closest GTA gets is a fire truck.  A fire truck isn't

    bad, but it's not a septic truck.


    3): Saints 2, 3, & 4 have co-op integrated into the main storyline, GTA still has separate co-op



    4): Saints doesn't have 1 thing GTA has the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine.  They're better

    off w/out it. 


    Saints 2 would of been tho one to steal R*'s crown but was just unstable, I've lost count of how

    many times my X360 froze up, almost never happened in GTA except for GTA online (R* will

    probably get that sorted eventually).  I've heard nightmare stories about PC SR2 that give the

    first week of GTA online a run. 


    The DLC tends to be skimpy in Saints.


    On the GTA side you have good game theory, the missions are put together well & switching

    between between characters on the fly is a good touch.  As for DLC I am looking forward to

    seeing what R* comes up w/.  Granted the Beach Bum pack was a little lacking but the price

    was definitely right. 


    So, Homie, you jackin' The BMW or the Benz?

  2. Sounds like a good time to catch up on Republican Space Rangers. 


    This also happens in invite only/solo mode so it a little extra cash from boosted cars you sell, just outlive

    the bounty.  I think R* missed one when they didn't generate AI bounty hunters to come after you in private

    sessions.  Who knows what nice stuff they'd bring me, Merriweather mercs brought me a sweet Jeep.

  3. In my case, I was open w/ my kids about firearms.  They would get curious -"What's that ?" Instead

    of reacting like a lot of people(BAD, BAD, STAY AWAY!!!!) I took a minute to show them what it was

    & teach them basic rules, thereby removing any taboo, & made sure they knew any time they got 

    curious all they had to do was ask I would show them again.  As a result, by the time my oldest was

    7 she could clear & secure any firearm I owned.  I knew if my kid found one laying around, the worst

    thing she would do would unload it.  If no one was around to get an adult she would take the ammo

    & find an adult. 


    I might not be Ward Cleever (just google it) but I KNEW my kids would never be an accidental shooting


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  4. Same thing last night, a green circle just south of the Sandy Shores airstrip & nothing for over an

    hour.  Got tired of waiting, took a few missions & went private.  No crates since Beach Bum which

    tells me R* changed something as before that I saw crates about once an hour (real time) even in

    solo mode.

  5. 1:  Where do you get your aircraft?  My pilot skill is maxed & the crosshiar still bobs & weaves

    all over because it's locked dead ahead & moves w/ the aircraft.  CJ had a lot better attack heli 

    Insert cussing here. 


    2: If you're after $$, Martin & Lester pay better than the others.  Martin's mission "Defender"

    pays $11500 to fly a Buzzard & protect one of his contacts.  If you're good in a heli it's easy



    Sucks about your ride, I have about $200K wrapped up in my "free" Eligy so I know what you

    mean.  Last night I joined a buddy & stumbled into a public cesspool made the mistake of

    leaving my Merryweather Mesa at the Sandy Shores airstrip when I grabbed the Buzzard. 

    Someone (let's call him Dick) apparently didn't appreciate my setting vehicle access to "no one"

    & blew it up.  Thanks Dick.


    You probably won't make that mistake again but for those who are yet, get insurance & bulletproof

    tires for any car you plan to keep.  My Stainer (90's Crown Vic) has been blown up 6 times, sunk

    twice, caught fire once & tangled w/ 4 freight trains (never totaled by trains, drove away each time). 

    Deductible is $125.  Dick paid the $325 on the Mesa (only time it's been totaled).

  6. So the (rhetorical) question is how go you get ambulance chaser lawyers, generic air-talent news hacks

    & opportunistic politicians like.....well pretty much all of 'em out of the way so we can get somewhere on this. 


    At least R*'s biggest fan Jack Thompson finally got disbarred so there's at least a chance.

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  7. Speaking of visible reticles ( okay, spell check just weird), it would be nice to have one in your car.  Perfect

    example would be one of Martin's missions where you have to get a target before they get to the police. 

    my shot always goes right next to their head & off they go plowing through everything while I just try to get

    turned around to give chase.  But that's okay, every ped in the game panics  & responds by running AT the

    (suppressed) gungire.  I thought suppressors were supposed keep gunshots from being noticed immediately. 

    So WTF did I spend $10k for?


    Even Vivindi got those 3 things right: you knew where your shot was going, suppressors did something useful

    & peds ran AWAY from gunfire. 


    "So Honey, what are you going to do today?" 


    "Oh I think I'll get in the minivan & drive AT a car load of madcappers shooting Uzis!" 


    Screw Martin's evidence or photos, the Hello Kitty grenade launcher comes comes out now.


    PS I still play so if anyone's looking for someone to run w/ send me a message on XBL.

  8. Looks like it comes apart easier than a 360 (a little TOO familiar there) but I'll still wait to get one until

    I know more about their quality/reliability.


    Just a headsup, what the video didn't show is the case (like most modern consumer products) has

    paint marks or stickers to tell if it's opened, so don't go get a new one & pop it open, you'll void the

    warranty.  We don't even know if the 1 works.


    Anybody remember the old topic "How to kill your Xbox 360" (or similar)?

  9. The news media hasn't helped any by throwing around terms like "assault rifle" & "semi-automatic".  200 years ago

    an "assault rifle" was 5 feet long & you loaded it w/ a broomstick.  If you were really good you get off 3 shots in a

    minute.  In the meantime that same news media do things like publicizing the George Zimmerman case (surprised

    that topic didn't get more of a response)  Similar cases at the time were ignored because they just weren't interesting

    enough.  Sensationalist puds would go wall to wall w/ a cat in a tree if they thought it would get ratings.


    Another term is "assault weapon" which technically is any weapon used to assault someone.  The average 5th

    grader leaves for school everyday carrying a pack full of things that could be used as such.  


    Spartan is right in the comparisons w/ stabbings, drowning & drunk driving. 


    Again, the answer is idiot control.

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  10. Glad you like the hardware  & yes, the Dragonov is real (Bulgarian) & surprisingly easy on the

    bad shoulder.


    Been thinking about picking up something in .243 & .270 myself, they're among the few calibers

    still readily available.  As for .45, I can still reload.  I take my buddy & his kids shooting so the kids

    can chase down the brass.


    Standard warning here:  If you reload get a good manual, Hornady, Lee, etc & follow it to the letter.


    Failure to do so may result in learning to rat w/ sticks tied to stumps.

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  11. Most of the people I usually run w/ have already quit playing, going back to Borderlands

    (new DLC), Forza or COD.  I'll hit GTAO in a few & see what got nerfed today.

  12. Ballas shooting you through solid wall? 


    Cops see you through 40 feet of Earth & concrete?


    Idiot Ron keeps calling you to pick up crates that never drop?


    The car you spent $$$ buying armor for won't protect you from a bullet?


    Here's a place for it.  Maybe if there's enough response it'll get back to R* & get fixed.  In

    the mean time, we can keep the other threads more constructive.  Glitches, collision errors

    or any other annoyances in the game itself are fair game.   I'll start. 


    When did this become "Grand Go To The Internet And Buy An Auto"?  I'm looking at the case

    & it says "Grand THEFT Auto", implying you take cars as opposed to buying them.  A lot of the

    cars are "TOO HOT TO MODIFY"....  WTF?!  Seriously?  That never stopped Claude, Tommy,

    CJ, Tony, Vick, Niko, Johnny or Luis.  On top of that almost everything in the game is insanely

    overpriced.  Even in the current market 20 rounds of Olympic ammo for the sniper rifles cost

    closer to $40 than $145 (I'm a gun nut, I tend to keep up on these things) & a basic pistol w/

    silencer  is just over $20K.  For perspective, I can go 6 blocks from my house to a class III

    dealer & pick up a full auto MP5 w/ suppressor & upgraded parts for the same, legal w/



    It seems like someone at R* keeps cutting mission payouts so by time I finish I spend as much

    on ammo as the mission pays.  I can't even pick up the ammo dropped by killed enemies.  I'm

    calling weapons grade BS on that one, even EA let me pick up ordinance Mercenaries 2. 


    On top of limiting what cars you can sell, there's the limit of selling one car a day (in game) &

    now I can't even capture an enemy gang vehicle to offset the overpriced ammo - YOU CAN'T



    To borrow from Johnny Gat (Saints)  Why the f*** not?!


    I can still grab random vehicles off the street on mission but now that I've said something I'm

    sure someone will get right on that.





  13. BUMP ALERT!!!!


    Okay it's been a bit, but I'm curious what people's collections look like these days (in actuality

    my cable pissed me off for the last time & I can only cuss at GTA Online so much). 


    Simple enough, pics weapons you (or family) own or use in military/police service & relevant

    comments.  I would also answer questions on subject.


    Just a headsup, this is almost a 5 year bump so quoted prices have probably changed & a lot

    of images are gone.  Surprised mine are still there as the photo account they're in was attached

    to my exGF & thought she would have replaced have replaced them all w/ Lithuanian midget porn.


    So if Chris is on Holiday on Malta or something, let him know his favorite GD American found a

    working keyboard.


    No, the guy w/ the Dragonov is not from Duck Dynasty.

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  14. Ted Nugent represents most....  Okay, we're gun nuts (now that's out of the way).  Seriously, what

    sane rational person is going to spend $1200, fill out a small hill of paperwork & submit to a full

    background check on an AR15 just to drive around & shoot up the hood?


    I joke about Walmart being a redneck's favorite place on earth because you can go in there at

    2AM & in one stop to pick up a ham sandwich, a car battery & an AR15 in one stop, but guaranteed

    by 2:10 Walmart & the federal government know exactly who you are, where you live & what firearm

    you just bought.  Instead of going after 99% of gun owners who (usually at considerable effort) stay

    within the law, concentrate on stolen weapons, illegal sales & people who are just plain batshit crazy. 

    During debate over the Clinton gun control act the NRA supported background checks including

    mental health.  Sara Brady herself proclaimed this was outrageous because it insulted the dignity

    of people w/ mental issues.  The Long Island Railroad massacre was still fairly fresh in people's

    minds at this time.




    PS Hey, BL what's up, I'm Urban & it's good to see another (alleged) adult around here.

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  15. Letting them play the games shouldn't be a problem as long as the kid knows the difference

    between a video game & real life.  


    I've had my dealings w/ social workers, child protective services, etc, they're more of a problem

    than a fix.  I know one case personally of a 16 year old that is completely out of control & will

    probably get himself thrown in prison by the time he's 19.  Under sharia law he would have lost

    both hands by now but the last bit from social workers is his parents can't ground him, he might

    feel sad about it, meanwhile he steals anything not nailed down & can't respect other people,

    their space, stuff, etc.  The second he's not happy he whines to some idiot at his school & CPS

    is at the door, "you can't do this, you can't do that, poor baby it's everybody else's fault..... 

    These people should at least have children before being put in the position they're in.


    On the note of parents, check out the opening of the movie "Idiocracy", it explains alot.

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  16. UPDATE  (Real surprise I'd pop into this one) 


    First off, sincere condolences to the victims & families.


    Shortly after the mass shootings earlier this year some nutcase ran through the campus of a Texas

    university w/ a knife & killed several people.  I would also point out the 9-11 attacks were done

    completely w/out firearms resulting in the murder of about 3000 people. 


    When one takes the state of mind to harm another a firearm is nothing more than a convenience. 


    I also agree w/ Huck on the point of parental responsibility.  I've noticed these massacres tend to 

    happen in jurisdictions w/ heavy gun control & "duty to flee"  meaning if an intruder breaks into

    your home w/ violent intent you are legally required to run away instead of resist.  Defending your

    family or self could result in you being arrested, charged/convicted & incarcerated.


    Over the years I've come across a few articles interviewing convicted criminals, asking questions

    like "Why did you break into this house & not that one?"  Not counting personal grudges, the answer

    was almost always "I didn't think this one could resist" or "that one looked like they could put up a

    fight".  In jurisdictions that recognize concealed carry & castle doctrine there is much less violent

    crime.  It seems dirtbags think twice about mugging little old ladies when there's a 50/50 chance she

    has a 357 in her purse.  I'd have to do some digging but somewhere I've got some FBI statistics to

    back this up.


    The answer is idiot control.


    As of this time gun control legislation is at a standstill but there's a bit of an ammo shortage. 

    Supposedly this is because virtually every agency of the US Federal Government is buying any

    ammo it can get a hold of.  It would appear the GSA wasn't content w/ flat screens & hot tubs, they

    also need a few million rounds of 22.

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  17. Pop a cold one. you'll love this. 


    I call this story "Old school Redneck Driveby)  I'm playing Red Dear one w/ one of my buddies,

    Bman & he talks me into a public session (cheaters, 'nuff said)  I'm running Pike's Basin & he

    spawns in Blackwater.  Les than 3 seconds later some random madcaps him & the start tagging

    each other until Bman chases him out of BW.  A few minutes later we run The Nosilida hideout &

    upon finishing I notice the random is still in the session, doing the DLC hideout just south of the

    McFarlin Ranch. 


    I mention this to Bman & he still wants a little payback.  When I asked him if he trusted an outlaw

    he quickly responded "ABSOLUTELY!"  We grab a wagon & waited just outside his minimap until

    the message came up that random completed the hideout then charged in as he was picking up

    his reward, the explosive rifle.  I opened up w/ the High Power pistol & Bman let loose a stick of

    dynamite, hitting him in the head.  This may have annoyed him.


    I'm pretty good w/ the wagon & know my way around the map so I made for the nearest railroad

    tracks leading random north.  He was level 24 so I knew his horse couldn't quite catch my wagon. 


    As I mentioned, I know my way around & led random to a place I call cougar cabin.  No, this is NOT

    a place to find a friendly older women.  While we sat on the wagon & watched, mountain lions ate

    random & his horse something like 14 times.  We actually started getting bored so we moved down

    to Bearclaw Camp where he was eaten another dozen or so times.


    Apparently random messaged Bman over XBL & he left the party for a minute, laughing hysterically

    when he came back.  It turned out random was some 12 year old who cried to his mommy who in

    turn took the kid's headset & proceeded to call us everything but White Boy.  Uh, Outlaw.


    The morale of the of the story?  Not sure, but it made up for some of those times I landed in sessions

    full people running cheats/mods.

  18. Okay, a few minutes. 


    Just confirmed the dingy can take either route to the Alamo Sea & thanks for the headsup

    about the scuba gear, confirmed to work Just after jewel store job in SP.


    In Online I was surprised there was no Dinghy for sale from one of the websites & found none

    parked around the map starting at the one Blur found in SP up to Palito Bay & partway down

    the East coast.  At this point my Seashark caught fire (in heavy rain) even though I avoided

    rocks, etc.  I have seen the shark one time, It would have no problem eating a Granger so it

    was time to leave.

  19. Would love to have the seaplane & sea sparrow back. 


    As for Dinghy in the Alamo Sea - I routinely take Tropics up the river & the delta to drop stuff for Trevor in

    GTAO so you should be able to take the dingy.  On the river look for a spillway to the North of the waterfall.


    I'll take a minute & confirm that.

  20. Do you mean the police heli that (almost always) "just happens" to be right above you &

    "just happens" to have SWAT snipers on board?  Insert shocked face3 here.


    Proximity spawning (they pop up right behind you in a blind spot) combined w/ collision

    glitches that leave tiny holes in solid objects AIs can shoot through.  R* is probably using

    the same collision system from Vice City.

  21. Bulletproof tires are the single best investment, I see spikestrips all the time, something to do

    w/ hitting armored tends to annoy the LSPD so I have gotten used to seeing them. 


    There's no "export" list, I liked those.


    Another MIA is having multiple safehouses in SP or online (aside from each character's separate

    garage in SP).  It would be nice to have a couple extra places to stash usable vehicles.

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