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  1. Sweet ride, where did you find the pic?

  2. GREAT THUNDERING BAUMBA!! Another old guy!

  3. 4 AM? OOPS! Guess your parents spazzed.

    Some things are universal.

    Since I made your friends list, welcome to mine.

  4. Hadn't seen you for a couple days.

    How's the dog house coming.

  5. Hi back at 'cha.

  6. thanks for the nod & welcome to my friends list.

  7. I just like the way you think!

  8. Great topic w/ GTA & Terrorism!

  9. Seen you around, dropped in to say hi.

  10. Thanks for taking a second & hello.

  11. We're on same page for shooting thief.

  12. Greetings to Capetown from the US Midwest.

  13. Good to have freinds

  14. If the wheel trick works, no bill.

    If not, I stole my identity from myself!

    HA HA!.

  15. Hangin' out, linin large.

  16. Greetings to you as well & happy birthday

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