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Found 1 result

  1. Ballas shooting you through solid wall? Cops see you through 40 feet of Earth & concrete? Idiot Ron keeps calling you to pick up crates that never drop? The car you spent $$$ buying armor for won't protect you from a bullet? Here's a place for it. Maybe if there's enough response it'll get back to R* & get fixed. In the mean time, we can keep the other threads more constructive. Glitches, collision errors or any other annoyances in the game itself are fair game. I'll start. When did this become "Grand Go To The Internet And Buy An Auto"? I'm looking at the case & it says "Grand THEFT Auto", implying you take cars as opposed to buying them. A lot of the cars are "TOO HOT TO MODIFY".... WTF?! Seriously? That never stopped Claude, Tommy, CJ, Tony, Vick, Niko, Johnny or Luis. On top of that almost everything in the game is insanely overpriced. Even in the current market 20 rounds of Olympic ammo for the sniper rifles cost closer to $40 than $145 (I'm a gun nut, I tend to keep up on these things) & a basic pistol w/ silencer is just over $20K. For perspective, I can go 6 blocks from my house to a class III dealer & pick up a full auto MP5 w/ suppressor & upgraded parts for the same, legal w/ paperwork. It seems like someone at R* keeps cutting mission payouts so by time I finish I spend as much on ammo as the mission pays. I can't even pick up the ammo dropped by killed enemies. I'm calling weapons grade BS on that one, even EA let me pick up ordinance Mercenaries 2. On top of limiting what cars you can sell, there's the limit of selling one car a day (in game) & now I can't even capture an enemy gang vehicle to offset the overpriced ammo - YOU CAN'T PUT THAT VEHICLE IN YOUR GARAGE. To borrow from Johnny Gat (Saints) Why the f*** not?! I can still grab random vehicles off the street on mission but now that I've said something I'm sure someone will get right on that. Next.
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