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Found 20 results

  1. Hi my gta san andreas (I use mods) keeps crashing with the same crash message and I was wondering is there anything I can do to fix it? Here is the image displaying said crash message
  2. Can someone can make the DFF models of: . 2007 Camaro Bumblebee .Optimus Prime . Ratchet . Ironhide . Starscream . G1 Megatron . G1 Starscream Everyone in High Res and Robot mode pleaseee... I will give Credits for it, Thanks for Your Attention Here the Folder with the TXD Textures: 162831457_Bumblebee072007.txd 2046387687_G1MegatronMovie.txd 2022990085_G1StarscreamMovie.txd 678072984_Ironhide2007.txd 1356377790_OptimusPrime2007.txd 1133404269_Ratchet2007.txd 280940855_RobovisionOptimusPrime2007.txd 2084741080_Starscream2007.txd
  3. https://imgur.com/a/AtuljLc getting this issue in game. it seems like the lod is loading and de-loading rapidly i already tried the memory fix and the game is downgraded and running an ai upscale
  4. GTA 5 Map Editor Allows You to Spawn Different Things People are currently arguing if it is proper to call it as Map Editor since it does not necessarily allow you to edit the map’s layout. However, it was named as Map editor GTA 5 Mod by the creator, so we can do nothing about it. Instead of allowing you to edit the map, it allows you to spawn various objects such as vehicle and ramp into the world of GTA5. Basically, the creator is comparing it with the editor of San Andreas, so in case you have an experience in using that type of mod, you will basically get the idea behind this mod. Guide on the GTA 5 Map Editor Tool During the designing process, you will have the free cam that you can use to navigate around. You can also get a preview of the object that you spawned. After you are satisfied with the changes that you made, you can save your map in different formats before loading it. Here are some of the things that you need to remember when using the Map Editor GTa 5 mod. Controls The control of this Map editor is something you need to be familiar with in order to design the world freely and easily. When opening the menu screen, simply hit F7 (or R3 and LB). W-A-S-d is how you can conveniently navigate around the map. It can also be used when rotating a particular object. When you selected a certain object and you want to move it down or up, or perhaps you want to rotate the object, hitting the Q and E is the right way to do it. Screenshots: In terms of the spawning Menu, there are different controls that you can use to spawn. The F key can be used to open the menu intended to spawn objects. P is for ped spawning and the V for vehicle spawning. You may also spawn marker on this map editor GTA 5 by hitting the arrow up button. Other functions are somehow pretty obvious; the left click is for observing an object, right-click is used to move the object while observing it and the mouse wheel can be used to rotate the object. Installation Guide Before you proceed, you need to make sure that you have ScripyHookV in your system You should also check your operating system if you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 or 2013. You should also check if you have the most recent version of ScriptHookCDotNet. Make sure to read the requirements first. You should also install the latest version of Native UI Download the Map editor GTA 5 Mod and extract all the content of the zip file into the directory folder. In case you do not have the directory folder. Right click, then choose create new folder. Rename the New Folder to Directory. This Map editor has allowed the players to create some dimension in a place that gets too redundant. Even the place with valleys and hills such as the Los Santos can get boring if it is too repetitive. Download Link for Map : Map Editor Gta 5 Mod YOU CAN FIND OUT YOU NEED AT GTA V
  5. {$CLEO .cs} 0000: NOP :label1 wait 0 ms if and 0AB0: pressed_button 82 //--------- R key + 0AB0: pressed_button 49 //--------- 1 key 004D: jump_if_false @label1 0002: jump @label2 :label2 wait 0 ms 0247: request #VICECHEE 0002: jump @label3 :label3 0248: request_true #VICECHEE 004D: jump_if_false @label1 0002: jump @label4 :label4 04C4: create_coordinate 1@ 2@ 3@ from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR offset 0.0 3.0 0.0 00A5: 0@ = create_car #VICECHEE at 1@ 2@ 3@ 0229: set_car 0@ color_to 0 0 0002: jump @label5 :Label5 if 0AB0: pressed_button 13 //--------- Enter 004D: jump_if_false @label5a 0002: jump @label6 :label5a if 0AB0: pressed_button 39 //--------- Right Arrow then 03F3: get_car 0@ color 4@ 5@ 0229: set_car 0@ color_to 4@ += 1 5@ end 004D: jump_if_false @label5b 0002: jump @label5 :label5b if 0AB0: pressed_button 37 //--------- Left Arrow then 03F3: get_car 0@ color 4@ 5@ 0229: set_car 0@ color_to 4@ -= 1 5@ end 004D: jump_if_false @label5 0002: jump @label5 :label6 0249: request_release #VICECHEE 01C3: remove_references_to_car 0@ 0002: jump @label1 Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here I trigger the car spawn but then game freezes any help would be nice.
  6. Los Santos Emergency Roleplay Welcome to LSER. We are a GTA V - PC Clan. We operate on our own private servers using the GTA V Co-Op mod. Therefore, we are able to use the official LSPDFR modification in "multiplayer." We use custom vehicle models, LSPDFR, and some additional mods. Above all, we are professional, strive for realism, and are dedicated to our work. With the multitude of mods and changes always coming to GTA V, we will always be trying new mods and working towards new experiences. Find Opportunity Here. Apply Here: lserclan.wordpress.com/apply/ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Roleplay Divisions Los Santos Police Department Los Santos Fire Department Los Santos Emergency Medical Services Dispatch Operations Administrative Divisions Media Human Resources Training _______________________________________________________________________________________________ - LSER Human Resources Team
  7. Hello everyone! We wanted to inform all LCPDFR users in GTA IV that we have created a new clan called NYPD (New York Police Department) You can find more details and an application form here: http://nyp-department.yolasite.com/ There are a huge range of opportunities and roles in our clan and all members will be treated equally. We have many available roles for all of our members; Sheriff, Police, Fire, EMS, State Trooper, SWAT and many more! We also have a great Clan Pack with custom vehicles, weapons and skins! The pack also includes ELS V7, DAS and a customized trainer! We hope you visit our website and join the NYPD! See you soon, Thomas (Dept. Commissioner)
  8. So I recently purchased San Andreas for PC and i decided to download a trainer for it. When i installed the trainer and launched it, i tried to run San Andreas through it. When I clicked "launch," it said "gta_sa.exe not found." The directory has the application. I think maybe the problem is that it's "gta-sa" and not "gta_sa" but I'm not sure. Could someone please help me?
  9. Does anyone have the Knowledge of Making a Garage Editor for Mac to work for the Applications version of GTA: San Andreas?? I've been looking EVERYWHERE for one and can't find it. I've tried CLEO modding and it doesn't work. for the .app version. Thanks alot! -Josh P.S I can't crossover either..
  10. Does anyone have the Knowledge of Making a Garage Editor for Mac to work for the Applications version of GTA: San Andreas?? I've been looking EVERYWHERE for one and can't find it. I've tried CLEO modding and it doesn't work. for the .app version. Thanks alot! -Josh P.S I can't crossover either..
  11. Hey guys I made my 2nd GTA IV funtage i guess... tell me what do you guys think? If you liked it please comment, like and subscribe <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0KWIXzjJes I hope you guys have a nice day Sincerly, Atozy
  12. Please subscribe to me as a part of credit, If you like them! You can download the sounds from the mediafire link in the video description.
  13. DL link in the video description
  14. Preview: Download link in the description, please subscribe!
  15. ok i joined this page as yous people seem to know quiet alot maybe absolutely everything about gta iv and i want to know how can i mod my gta iv the ballad of gay tony, ive seen people use the sky crane and skate parks ive spent hours looking on youtube and its all on xbox , i have a ps3 ! can anyone please help me would be very grateful
  16. do you think they should implement car modification into gta5, if so what are your ideas as to the complexity and extent of this. I think the modifications should be similiar to the saints row and midnight club series, with modifications as follows. However the modifications ae focus mainly on visuals, but performance mods are also available. The player should also have the ability to remove parts if they want to. Body mods Standard parts (available for most cars,suvs,and pickups.) Front Bumpers (maybe 2 or 3 different ones per car) Rear Bumpers (maybe 2 or 3 different ones per car) headlights (normal,chrome,blacked out+light color options) (some cars might also have rally style lights available, such as the sultan) Taillights (normal,chrome,blacked out+light color options) Spoilers (maybe 2 or 3 different ones per car, increases downforce) Rims. (a large selection including spinners, wire rims, and other various styles ) tyres (whitewall,blackwall,offroad,runflat) Hoods(2 or 3 different ones per car, also with carbon fiber versions) (muscle cars such as the sabre,tampa and dukes also have the option to add superchargers) Grills (2 or 3 per aplicable car, not all cars have grills) roll cages (1 or 2 per car) neon hydraulics roof scoops Offroad parts (available for suvs and pickups) exhaust tips( 3-5 generic ones like gtasa) Bullbars (maybe 2 or 3 different ones per car) tailight guards bed covers (mostly for pickups 2 or 3 per truck including campershell,standard and a standard with spoiler) rooflights (1 or 2 per car),(may also include rollbars for pickups) mudflaps. Adjustables (adjustability depends on the car) ride height tire profile wheel width rim size Paint (includes gloss, chrome,matte, pearlescent, and metalic options) Primary color secondary color rim color window tint neon color interior color seat color roof color (mostly for convertibles) Interior mods Sound systems ( includes full custom speeker,subwoofers,amps,and boxes that go either in the car or in the trunk of the car or the back of a pickup\suv like the spanish lords cavalcade) 1 or 2 sets per vehicle seats( one or 2 different options per vehicle) Performance mods (works in 3 stages) each stage increases power by ten percent) Nitrous (works basically like it did in gtasa) Turbo(increases engine power by 20%)Stage 2-30% ,stage 3-40% Exhaust(increases engine power by 10%) intake (increases engine power by 10%) Tires(increases grip and acceleration) Engine swap (switch the engine of the car to a more powerful but appropriate replacement list below) supercharger(available only for v-type engines, increases engine power by 25%+15%for each additional stage ) compacts (cars like the blista compact and futo) ( engines can be removed from stolen cars in order to place them in your car. (power levels may be unrealistic in order to make the game better) 1.5l l4 150hp 2.0l l4 200hp 2.5 l4 240hp 3.0l l4 300hp Compact and medium (cars like merit, feroci,sultan) 2.5l l6 280hp 3.0l l6 320hp 2.5l V6 250hp medium only 3.0l V6 280hp 4.0l V6 300hp medium and sports cars like, coquette, and muscle cars 4.6l v8 200hp 5.0l v8 230hp 5.4l v8 260 6.0l v8 300hp Muscle cars 350ci v8 230hp 400ci v8 260hp 427ci v8 300hp 454ci v8 350hp 502ci v8 400hp 444ci semi v8 ( gta's hemi parody) 420hp super cars, large trucks, and some sports cars 5.0l v10 300hp 6.0l v10 350hp 6.0l v12 400hp 7.0l v12 450hp Weaponized parts (parts that make the car stronger and more destructive, may not be available on all cars, may also add weight to the car and thus slow it down) all weapons have infinite ammo and may be removed anytime the player wishes. frontal weapons (only one may be equipped on each side at a time a different weapon may be equipped on the left and right side of the vehicle, so you could have a machine gun on the left side and a grenade launcher on the right side ect.) Machine guns ( adds 20lbs to vehicle weight) rocketlaunchers ( blow more stuff up adds 150lbs to vehicle weight) flamethrowers ( set people on fire adds 100lbs to vehicle weight) grenade launchers ( blow stuff up adds 80lbs to vehicle weight) miniguns (faster and more deadly version of machineguns adds 120lbs to vehicle weight) laser guns (why not? adds 50 lbs to vehicle weight slower but more powerful version of machineguns) wheel weapons kneecappers +10lbs bullet proof tires rear weapons (only one may be equipped at a time these are mostly defensive weapons) tire spikes (+80lbs) oil slicks +100lbs mines+150lbs body weapons bullet proof glass +50lbs bullet proof body +100lbs spiked bumpers (replaces stock bumpers increases frontal and rear durability by 10%) +50lbs each plow blades (replaces front bumper increases frontal durability by 20% may be equipped along with rear spiked bumpers) +100lbs turrets ( like on the apc, only one may be equipped at a time and the ones that may be equipped vary with the vehicle) mg turret (a small mg turret) +50lbs rocket turret + 200lbs tank gun turret+ 300lbs ( only for large vehicle like cavalcades and boxvilles) Minigun turret +120lbs so most vehicles can have 5 different weapons at a time and be made completely bullet proof!
  17. I am new to the whole modding thing. And just wondering if you can mod GTA4 on xbox360? And if you can how? Any help will be appreciated.
  18. Hi everybody, and welcome to my first post. I hope it's not the last one... Well, since GTA 3 is available vor android, I'm really into it. So i created a game file with only the paramedics done, but then i also created a master game file, where i did everything on every island. But there is only one thing i couldn't do, and that's exporting the fbi kuruma in portland (and also the rhino and barracks ol of course) I tried it by modifing the default.ide, so it would spawn normally in the streets, it worked well for the bf injection, but not for the fbi kuruma, everytime one fbi kuruma spawned, the game crashed immediately bcz of unknown reasons (maybe bcz it's an emergency vehicle?). The thing is i can't get 5 wanted stars at the beginning or i would simply jack one. Then i exchanged everything from the kuruma with the fbi kuruma resulting in spawning fbi kurumas around the streets, but when i brought them to the crane, he wasn't interested in that model, so he still tought it would be a normal kuruma does anybody know how i could spawn a fbi kuruma (or rhino or barracks), maybe eg instead of the perennial near the hospital in portland, or does anybody know a mod wich enables the six star wanted levels at the very beginning? I invested a lot of time into this game file, and it would be nice to complete it I would also post it here! I hope you can help a little lousy would-like-to-be-modder^^ Greez Vandal PS is there a mod to free the portland tunnel at the beginning... because i would like to save some cars in staunton (for example the bulletproof securicar and the manana corpse, but durnig the "blind passenger" mission i haven't access to staunton. I know how to get to staunton by foot, but not in a car... oh and i'm not a cheater, so dont come up with the dodo car cheat I tried to jump over the bridge by modifing the handlings.cfg and increase the max speed and lower the mass of some vehicles, but then i could hardly accelerate anymore and the max speed was about 10 mph.... somehow strange
  19. Hi, im Dibbie, new to the forums, with 2 questions: 1. Can someone please help me make my own custom sprays to replace grove streets sprays with mine? (like a logo in paint, for example "HI!" and then import it into GTA replacing "Grove St. Familys" "Grove St 4 Life" and all that with my "HI!" spray) 2. Can anyone please make a mod where you can spray other cars without having to enter the car itself? Like someone else can be driving it, and you can spray it to a diffrent color, with spray or you can go into a tuning garage (or regular saving garage) and spray them up, infact... yeah, Can someone make a "tuneing" mod for the saving garage, where you acually gotta exit ur car while in garage (or tuning garage places) and spray ur car the diffrent colors, and get wheels and stuff, and while ur at it, could you also throw in some extra stuff in there, like more cool custom wheels, or even better, a mod that will "make" these "custom imports" for you. Also, could you make a commonly found aircraft at airport that will work as the "amorba" or whatever its called (The gient aircraft that has a cargo that can store cars) I cant find any in LS, or even anywhere... Its like... rare so... Could you make one thats more easy to find, and put it in all 3 major airports? (LS,LV,and SF) Thank you in advance, my e-mail is [email protected] if u want to e-mail me the mod, because i may not beable to find this post to check replys so easy. Thank you again in advance!
  20. Well, this is my 1st post, i was putting new cars to my GTA (with GGMM because SAMI didn´t work for me) and when i finished, i executed the game. When it was loading, the game crashed just when the bar was half-filled and then the classic windows 7 message appeared: "GTA San Andreas.exe stopped working" I put "close program" (I don´t know if i translated this well, my Windows 7 is in spanish) Later I tried with SAMI (I needed framework 1.1)i put the new cars but it still was the same. I had modded cars before, but this is very strange to me. Any answer? P.S. Sorry if i have bad english, i speak spanish.
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