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Found 4 results

  1. I started to experience this today. Yesterday everything was okay, but today this game started crashing after approx 3-4 minutes of playing. I got an unhandled exception error c000005 at address 004db315. I don't know what does this address mean. I also tried all the fixes that people suggested (f.e. delete gta_vc.set, download Silent Patch, add a DEP exception, run as an administrator, set compatibility to Windows XP SP3, since the Windows 98/Me doesn't work completely, download d3d8.dll file and paste it into root folder) My mods: SilentPatch, DDraw, CLEO, CLEO Car Spawner here is a screenshot of a folder
  2. This is a Gator Keys Map mod for GTA Vice City. This Mod adds two islands on the south of Vice City (near Docks/Airport area). The mod is made to show how the Gator Keys might have looked in Beta stages of the game.. The installation tutorial is there in Readme file. If you don't understand that tutorial or you want to see the mod before installing it you can watch this video... MOD Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tsxk6yevqx53e05/Gator_Keys_MOD.rar/file
  3. I like to give my 100% completion files for PC with collecting all rare and special vehicles. Download it and enjoy. I will tell where all of special vehicles are located. 1.) Car Showroom Garages Left to right is numbered 1,2,3,4.... 1st Garage - BP/FP/EP Sabre Turbo, FP Cheetah, FP Banshee, FP Infernus 2nd Garage - UC Black Pony, UC Black Sentinel, UC Black Washington, UC Black Rancher 3rd Garage - UC Gold Stretch, UC White Admiral, UC Black Admiral, BP/FP/EP/DP/UC Silver Admiral 4th Garage - FP Rare Romeros Hearse, UC Black Voodoo, Rare Romeros Hearse, UC Blue shade and White Maverick 2.) Hyman Condo Garages 1st Garage - BP/FP/EP Squalo, FP/EP Hotring Racer, UC Black and metallic red Bobcat 2nd Garage - NE Bloodring (Oceanic), NE Bloodring (Glendale), UC Silver Stretch 3rd Garage - NE Taxi, NE Cabbie, NE Kaufman Cab, NE Zebra Cab 3.) Vercetti Estate Garage - BP/FP/EP PCJ 600, UC Blue shade PCJ 600, UC Silver PCJ 600, UC Black Sanchez 4.) El Swanko Casa Garage - UC Gray secondary Patriot 5.) Links View Apartment Garage - UC White Walton 6.) Ocean View Apartment Garage - Rare Spand Express Never Wasted and Busted! Weapons: Fist, Katana, Teargas, Colt Python/.357, Combat Shotgun, MP5/MP, Ruger/Kruger, Minigun, Sniper Rifle, Camera. Clothes Player Currently Wears: Frankie Criminal Rating: Godfather (1002570) Here are download Links: http://gtasnp.com/xJy8du or http://www.mediafire.com/download/pk4r8drra265d72/ NOTE: Not work in GTA Vice City BETA Version and Android/iOS!
  4. Hello friends. Are you looking for cool vcm mods,You may be knowing about vcm mods which are easy to install.You don't need to replace anything,They are replaced by themselves.Visit my blog for cool vcm mods- [link removed].We have a large number of vcm car mods.Visit now.
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