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  1. Joey's life reminded him of the movies. He thought of himself like a calmer version of Tony Montana. The biggest difference between the two, was that Joey always knew to use his head- something his Hollywood counter parts never seemed to do very well. And here he was, doing just that, sitting at a table and staring at a crooked cop, Lawrence O'Bryan, waiting to make his next verbal move. "This city can go to sh*t, or this city can be stable. We both want the same thing here Lawrence so let's talk."Joey stared at Lawrence. He was always proud that he had made it this far, and that nothing too bad had happened to him yet. "I can't be found endorsing corruption, all I can do is claim ignorance. Now if you can make it worth my while-" Joey cut him off. "Two men-right behind you-both are ready to plant a 7.62 round through your skull. It's worth your while." He paused "But I'm not stupid. I know that once you go out my door, there's nothing stopping you, in your mind, from going against whatever we set up. That is, unless we anchor you to your promises some how. So I have a little surprise for you Lawrence- you're never alone. I have a guy next to you on your way to work, a guy at the water cooler in your station, a guy everywhere you could think to f*cking be...I know you're smart. Take my word for it, if I want you dead- then you're dead. Now, how "ignorant" can you be Mr. O'Bryan?" Joey saw the fear ascend to O'Bryans eyes, it was slight, the man could hold his composure, but it was there and no emotion could ever escape Joey's gaze. Lawrence looked down at the table, then back up at Joey. He didn't have any options, and he knew it. "Alright fine. I guess my department has enough crack heads to beat. Do what you want. But we weren't your only threat. Don't think your plans will be so easy Mr. Vivre" Lawrence was defeated. His department would be reduced to covering petty crimes, and Joey's power-grabbing intentions would continue without interference. "I never thought you where my only threat. But count yourself lucky that, right now, your department is the only one that won't be slayed without mercy." Joey said with smirk. "Goodbye, Joey" Lawrence stood up from his chair. "You know how to contact me." Lawrence walked out of the dimly lit hideout, got in his car, and drove down the vacant streets of Carcer City. The meeting is a success, but there was little time to celebrate it. Joey had to spill some blood, more than normal. He had established his mob-The D. Vivre Mob-very effectively, and what little competition there was was generally dealt with swiftly. But this particular rival had been growing steadily, out of his reach. Now he would try to murder all of them in one powerful strike. "Let's get to the meet." Joey said to the four enforcers that where also in the back of the pizza place. They got in the car, Joey was driving. "Joey. Are you sure this is going to work? To be honest, I'm not. I have a feeling they might bring more than five guys." Victor, probably Joey's most loyal mob member, seemed nervous. This was unusual for him. "They might. But if they do, then we will gun them down all the same. I don't see a problem." If anyone but Victor had shown even the slightest bit of fear, Joey wouldn't have been nearly as merciful in his response. The rest of the ride was silent. Just the engine, and the occasional car on some other part of the street. They arrived and all of them got out of the car. It was true, Joey's rivals brought more than he did. Five black Escalades full of armed thugs. But Joey didn't flinch. He had faith that the meeting place would be a mass grave shortly. Him, Victor, Matt, Robert, and Seth where all there armed with AKs. Luckily all of them but Joey where near the car, ready to take cover when sh*t hit the fan. "I have the coke, you have the cash?" Their leader was an amateur. Nothing Joey couldn't handle. "I do." Joey walked to the trunk of his car and pulled out a briefcase. It was empty. Joey walked towards their leader step by step and put it in his hands. A split second after he grabbed him, turned him around and pointed a gun at his temple, all before his twenty or so goons could pull a trigger. "Drop your guns." Joey was backing up towards their car. Not a single one of them complied with his request. "Drop your f*cking guns!" Nothing. Amateurs or not this was a sticky situation. Joey pulled the trigger and jumped behind the car, using it for cover. The second his victims head popped bullets exploded across the hill top. Everyone on his side was blind firing at the thugs, but they couldn't move an inch. Seth was using a big rock for cover but the rest of them where forced to squeeze in behind the car, using it's tires to barely shield their feet. Joey's rivals screamed taunts as they fired, but they didn't scare anyone. The fire fight was lasting longer than most do, but Joey had an ace up his sleeve. There was a molotov in the glove compartment. He managed to pull open the passenger seat door, just as a bullet flew into it's window, spraying glass over him. It was very difficult to maneuver himself to the molotov as the bullets sprayed across him and his cover seemed smaller than he was. Fortunately for him, most of them began to reload, and he knew this was the best opportunity he was going to get. He stretched for the bottle and managed to grab it. He inched back to his shared tire and began to light the molotov with his cigarette lighter. He threw it. The molotov flew through the wall of led and crashed into one of the black Escalade's fuel tank. All sound was absorbed by the bang. A group of thugs ambled forward, screaming in pain as the flames tortured them. The shrapnel ripped across the battlefield, glass and car parts dismembered the criminals, tearing them apart. The explosion knocked another escalade down the hill, but amongst the chaos it was hard to notice. The hill was soon a silent hell, even Joey hadn't seen this much gore in one place. He had shot and stabbed many times, but even when he was full of rage he never caused something this macabre. Finally Matt broke the silence. "Let's go." It wasn't much but it got things moving. They walked down the hill- the car was trashed- and stole the first vehicle they saw. Everyone had fled the nearby gas station, whether it was when they heard the bullets or when they heard the bang Joey didn't know, but they had left a car. It wasn't much, a four door car with a broken headlight. Joey got behind the wheel and they drove back to their base of operations. The ride was mostly silent but when they where close to the pizza shop Robert broke the silence. "What now?" He seemed shaken. The mob was ruthless but there was something unique about the recent massacre. "Back to business. We just cleared up a lot of the market but there are more weeds to mow down. Keep patrolling. Collect debts, deal some H, do what we always do." Joey recovered from the fight pretty quickly. He wouldn't have been a very good leader if he thought like everyone else. While they may be questioning what they just did, Joey had moved on and was already planning the next move. But it was true. The next week or so was all the same as the one before it. Joey collected their protection money, capped some rivals, just as he always does. But then on Friday Lawrence called, fear in his voice. "Joey..." "Hello Lawrence. Good to hear from a friend like you." "Joey I don't have a lot of time, and neither do you. We need to talk in person" Joey had never heard Lawrence speak like this over the phone, both of them knew it wasn't safe. "I see. Let's grab a slice sometime.. When's it good for you?" Joey had charisma and self control, but he was shaking just a bit. He wasn't used to Lawrence talking like this. "I'll meet you at our usual place later tonight. About 11." Lawrence was in too far and Joey could tell. "Sounds fun. I'll see you then" Joey hung up the phone and began to get his best men ready. He gave Victor a call as he walked towards his parked car. "Hello?" Victor sounded a bit surprised. "Vic, I hope this is a good time. Lawrence needs to talk later tonight, and I could use the security. Something about that guy always makes me feel like I'm about to get busted." Joey was now behind the wheel, driving towards the gun store. "Yeah I know the feeling. I'll be there. What do you think he wants?" Victor was calm. "I think our latest business maneuver may have been a bit too much for him. We are going to have to persuade him otherwise." Joey was nearing the Ammu-Nation. "I see what you mean boss. Let's hope we can put his mind at ease." Victor loved the crime business, and his bloodlust was always noticeable. "Vic, it's better to persuade effectively than to persuade excessively if you understand what I mean. Anyway, tell Matt what I told you. I need my closest associates for our business meeting." Joey got out of his car and walked into the Ammu-Nation. He bought a sniper rifle and left the store promptly. He drove towards the hill from the week before. When he was as close as he was comfortable with he left the car and climbed on top of the pharmacy across the street from the hill. He was curious about how things where going to be investigated. He had scene details over the news, but he was hoping the trail was already cold. It wasn't. Joey peered through the scope and found that there where still cops and others sifting through bloodied grass and destroyed cars. Joey, for a short moment, thought it would be a good idea to shoot all of them right there. He came to his senses. He would reduce the investigation by one unfortunate police officer. The second one of them drove off Joey would follow, and Carcer City would have one more car crash to mourn over. A cop strolled down the hill. He looked like he was 50 or so and had the stereotypical cop hair cut. Joey was going to have fun with this. The officer got into a cop car and drove down the street. Joey followed, he didn't bother to stay very far away because he knew it wasn't going to be a very long ride. After a few red lights Joey saw an opportunity. They where parallel to a hard brick wall of Carcer City's only Library. Joey rammed the cop car from behind, and kept accelerating until the police officers car hit the wall. Joeys airbag popped, but he had it much better than that cop. The side window of the officers vehicle was completely red, and Joey never got a good look at his windshield. The pedestrians screamed in horror, but Joey didn't care. He drove back to the pizza place, it was about 45 minutes until he was going to have a nice little talking to with Officer O'Bryan. "Matt, any sign of Lawrence?" Joey walked through the doors of the restaurant. "Not yet. I'm sure he'll be here. Me and Vic are ready, if he tries anything funny he's f*cked." Matt said with an AK in his hands. "He won't. He's a terrible person, but not a stupid one. Keep an eye on things, he should be here any minute." Indeed he was. About five minutes later Lawrence walked through the door, unaccompanied as expected. "Good to see you Officer" Joey was sitting down at the wooden table the used during meetings. "Sure you are." there was a brief pause. "Look. I'm used to allowing some eight balls and dime bags through the cracks, what I'm not used to is twenty one charred corpses and bloody news reports." Lawrence was nervous, as anyone would've been in his position. "My mistake Mr. O'Bryan. I must be a f*cking idiot. A real dumb sh*t huh?" Joey raised his voice "I must be so incredibly f*cking dumb that I didn't think to put a few discrete cameras in this room, recording all of our little chat sessions." By this point Lawrence couldn't have been more anxious. Joey calmed his fake anger and used his precious charisma. "Do you think I'm that dumb Mr. O'Bryan?" Lawrence took some deep breaths. He was angry. Time after time Joey had gotten the best of him, and he wanted to lash out a bit. "I can get this place raided faster than you can smoke a joint, and I'm willing to bet you've got more then some cameras hiding around here." This verbal stand was surprising, but also amusing to Joey "I know you won't do that. Because if you did, there would be even more corpses on the street." Joey wasn't bluffing. He had no problem with killing cops. "You seem to be able to kill yourself out of a lot of situations. Well remember when I said I wasn't your only threat? The other one is like that too. The Barini Crime Family. Now I would assume, they are also smart enough to have some police backing. I would also assume killing me wouldn't change who the highest bidder is." At this point Joey accepted that he was going to have to pay some more cash. "Good move O'Bryan. Now what are they paying and where are they staying?" Joey wasn't going to let competition exist if he could help it. "For 10k you might be able to get that information." Lawrence made a grave mistake. "Victor, Matt. Show him what I think of his offer." Matt grabbed Lawrence and squeezed him against the chair. Victor walked over to the counter and brought a butchers knife from there to the table. He slowly moved the knife towards Lawrence's fore arm, until it hovered just an inch over. "You need to stop thinking about greed, and start thinking about survival." With that Joey gave Victor a nod. The knife was vertically parallel with Lawrence's arm, the point was facing his face. Victor pushed the knifes' blade into the arm, then slowly slid it down as Lawrence screamed. Joey never heard Lawrence in so much pain but was intrigued by his reaction. Victor purposefully cut him slowly, wanting to draw out every bit of agony as he could. Finally he had to stop. "What are they paying and where are they staying?" Joey took a sip from his drink and smiled at Lawrence, who was still being held in place by Matt. "That hurt" Lawrence coughed "But it's nothing...nothing compared to what Barini would do to me." "I'm more than happy to play this game. Just tell me when you're ready to talk" Joey looked up at Victor "Use your imagination." Victor smiled and looked at Lawrence. "You look thirsty." Victor walked away with excitement, but came back shortly with a big bucket and three containers of window washing fluid. He put the bucket on the table in front of Lawrence, and dumped all three containers in. "Have a drink." A split second later Vic pushed O'Bryans face into the liquid, and kept his head in there by continually pushing it downward. They where all cold blooded, but Vic was really enjoying this. He smiled and even chuckled from time to time as O'Bryan shook and struggled to get out of Matt's grip. But one minute passed, and Joey didn't want Lawrence dead. "Alright let him up" Joey said as he took a drag on his cigarette. "sh*t you really where thirsty Mr. O'Bryan" Victor was a sadist, but only when people deserved it. "Bastard..." That was all Lawrence could get out as he took in as much air as he could. "Now I reiterate...What are they paying, and where are they staying?" Lawrence looked from side to side, he was shocked. This took to long for Victor's liking. He punched him across the face. "Nice work Vic. Now Lawrence...What are they paying and where are they staying?" Joey knew he could keep at this and the only one who would be damaged by it was Lawrence. "Fine, fine. I know that some of them are staying in the West Carcer Hotel. At least a dozen. They pay 5k a month, and we give them the same treatment we give you. We stay away." At this point Lawrence was ready to give up any information he was asked, and agree to any offer that was proposed. "Good, see there's a start. Now you tell us what apartment, and you agree to about...2k a month from us." Joey took another drag on his cigarette. "302 I think, at least that's where we meet. As for the deal, fine I'll pull some strings." Lawrence was just glad to be alive. "Glad to hear it. Now get the f*ck out" Matt released Lawrence who stumbled out the door. It didn't even take a discussion. The three of them waited a few minutes so Lawrence would be a safe distance away, and when all was clear Joey gestured them all to the car, and drove to the West Carcer Hotel- AKs in hand. "When we get there, leave at least one alive. This will make for a decent pile of corpses, but we need some info on how to make more." Joey said as he was driving "It's all about the corpses I see." Matt didn't have the blood lust Vert did "Well if you can convince them to get out of the crime business be my guest, but as far as I can tell the only way out is a bullet or a cell" The ride was silent for the rest of the way. They arrived at the West Carcer Hotel, without even attempting to conceal their weapons. They saw the receptionist, her face pale and shocked. "Apartment 302. We need to get in there, do you have a key or something?" Joey asked holding his AK horizontally across his stomach. The lobby was empty accept for the D. Vivres and the receptionist. It was just like any run of the mill hotel. Nothing fancy, but the place wasn't a sh*t hole or anything. "Alright, fine.. Here it is." She handed Joey the key "But please...We don't want to be on the news." Joey smiled. "Oh you're worried about these?" Joey turned his gun upwards "It's just a fancy vodka bottle" They took the elevator up two floors. It was another silent, although short, ride. Killing wasn't something they had a problem with, but it usually was something that they needed to get into a mindset for. One lucky bullet and they could be dead, and they just had to know that there was only so much they could do to stop that. The elevator stopped. It was 2 AM at this point, and as they walked across the red carpet, past doors of soon to be disturbed people, Joey was startled by a thought. How would they get out? They where three stories up, and after they began to shoot someone was going to run out their apartment in a daze, and they would have a good description of what he looked like. Lawrence probably wasn't in the mood for another meeting, so he would be on his own dodging this heat. It was too late to go back now. Joey pointed at Matt, then at the doorknob, and finally gave him the key. Matt put the key in the lock then looked up at Joey. Joey pointed the AK inward at the door, it's barrel perpendicular to the crack in the door. Victor did the same but just an inch or so lower than Joey. Joey nodded at Matt, and it began. The door opened and the trio was greeted with a bald mad carrying two drinks of some sort. Joey emptied about four rounds into him. In his last moment of life, the man fell forward onto the glass table, shattering it. Victor aimed his rifle at the couch, two thugs where sitting on it. He sprayed them down, an entire magazine ripped through their chest and one of their necks. Blood splattered onto his face, but Vic didn't mind. Matt moved onto the kitchen, but the guy in there knew what was going on already. He pulled out a Sig Sauer pistol of some sort and fired at Matt, who took cover using the wall. Matt reached his rifle around the wall and used blind firing to kill the thug. All in the span of about 30 seconds three of them where dead. Lawrence said at least a dozen where there. It was very unlikely that nine where out of the apartment, and Lawrence rarely lied. Joey was pretty sure there was only one room left. They where waiting for the Mob. "Matt, any ideas?" Joey whispered to Matt, while he was sure Victor could come up with something, Matt was his consultant and he liked to keep the ranks defined. "Three blind firing AKs can put out a lot of led." Matt didn't seem sure, and while Joey didn't want to risk it, he didn't know how much time they had before the nine men became inpatient. "Alright fine, get ready." Joey stood on one side of the door, Matt stood on the other. Victor stood in front of the door, and ready to kick it in. Joey gave him a nod. Victor raised his knee, and delivered a violent kick that immediately knocked the door in. He moved to the side and both Joey and Matt began to blind fire into the room. It seemed the people inside, the ones they where killing, weren't heavily armed because they where only returning pistol rounds. Luckily for the D. Vivres they didn't have much cover either, and between the three of them they killed off eight of the Barinis very quickly. But there was one more. He was pointing what looked to be a Sig Sauer P226 at a hookers head. "Stop shooting...Stop f*cking shooting." The Barini was holding her in place, one arm across her chest, the other with the gun pointed at the side of her head. Joey walked in the room. Immediately he saw a corpse wearing a white Tee shirt, with three red spots from the bullets. He looked forward and realized that most of them where at the back of the room. It was clear that upon being shot they would fall back onto the couch, that at this point was covered in blood. "You think I care about your bitch?" Joey shot through the hookers stomach, killing both her and the Barini. "We didn't leave one alive." Matt walked in, Victor right behind him. "f*ck that. They'll be pissed and want revenge, and they'll know who did this, because Victor has some good carving skills" He tossed Victor his pocket knife, and Victor immediately began to carve "D. Vivre" into the nearest corpse. "So.. What now?" Matt had gotten used to Victor's morbid personality. "Same sh*t. We'll shake down whoever doesn't pay, deal H where we can.. You know whatever. We don't always have to have a big move Matt" Joey was a little worried though. He was pretty sure his police backing wasn't exactly as strong after Victor gave Lawrence the Windex treatment, and they just gunned down a dozen people. "I think we should have one more big move... Let's get the f*ck out." Matt was always the anxious one. "You know I'm done cutting, if this guy is ever a zombie he'll have a hell of a stomach ache." Victor felt no remorse, and with his macabre statement they left, by running down the stairs and stealing a car. Things weren't over. Joey was driving home in the minivan he stole from the hotel parking lot. As he approached his pizza store, which up until this point had worked as a safer meeting-place then his home, and a convenient front for any illegal activity he wanted to participate in, he saw cop cars. "Looks like Lawrence didn't like his talking to." Joey was slowing down. "No sh*t. Let's get to Seth's house, we need to a new front." Matt was in the passenger seat, and he wasn't in the mood for a shootout, and it wasn't practical either. The department knew about the pizza place, and it wasn't a safe spot any more. They where lucky. The police must have been searching the place while they where approaching, so they went unnoticed. Seth was the consigliere of the D. Vivre Mob, even though it was more common for Joey to ask Matt (the underboss) for advice. Seth mainly dealt with keeping the mob away from legal heat, and gathering info. They arrived. Joey knocked on the door, and shortly after Seth opened it for him. It was a decent place. He had a TV, a laptop, nice furniture. He wasn't rich, but he was making good money. "Joey, Victor, and Matt. Now I'm a bit worried. Come in." Seth gestured them to the couch, where they promptly sat down. "Seth we have an issue." Joey respected Seth. He was loyal to the mob, and he would help out whenever he was asked. "Nothing big I hope?" Seth was getting himself a beer from the fridge. "No, it's pretty big. The cops aren't with us anymore, and they know about the pizza shop." Joey was talking with Seth, the other two sat back and watched. "f*ck I liked that place. Really effective, and it even made us some legit money. So you want me to find Lawrence or something?" Seth took another sip from his brown beer bottle. "In time, yeah, but in the right now we could use another place to conduct business. You have any ideas?" Seth was the type of person who could find things. If he couldn't, then it couldn't be found. "Well sure, I know some good spots. You could probably buy out the local Burger Shot for about five hundred bucks?" "Yeah I guess that would work. Now I've heard you've been looking into these Barinis, any luck?" It was a convenient conversation change, they where without question their biggest problem. "Ah I have some Intel you'll like. Martin Barini, their underboss, is staying near the coast, on 1051 West Street. I think he's only going to be temporarily. I think he's waiting for a shipment." A shipment was big news. Heroin was what kept the D. Vivre Mob alive, and for the most part on top. If there was an opportunity to get some more of it, they would do whatever they could. "So Seth" Victor sat up in his seat. "Any idea when this shipment is coming?" "Either next Friday or next weekend at some point...I'm not very sure I just know it's coming soon" Seth always had good info, it was just a matter of how much good info. "Alright so one of us just stays down there for a few days, and soon enough we'll have some more cash" Victor was speaking quickly. "If you want to sit in a hot car for a few days be my guest but I recommend we kill this son of a bitch quickly." Matt was now a part of the conversation. "I'm going to have to side with Matt, our H supply isn't drying up any time soon, and if we want to deal the Barinis a blow we should deal it to them soon." Joey, siding with Matt as usual. "Seth, buy out that Burger Shot, I'll reimburse you. Now I think all of us should get home, get some sleep, and then tomorrow we'll cap our friend Marty" So that's what they did, Joey dropped Victor and Matt at their homes, and he went to his apartment. The next day Joey had a message from Seth on his phone. "I forgot to mention, Marty is guarded pretty heavily. Be careful. He's in apartment 463." Guards where always a pain in the ass when it came to apartments and other tight areas; one bad move and you where f*cked. Joey went out to his car and called Victor, he would let Matt take care of the day to day stuff. "Hey Joey" Victor sounded like he was waking up. "Victor, I'm coming to pick you up at your apartment. Bring some guns, we're killing Marty." "Perfect." Victor's apartment building was a short drive away. When Joey arrived Victor appeared unarmed. "You have a piece?" Joey asked "Yeah, I have an Uzi in my jacket. I prefer not to carry an AK through the building when I can help it" Victor replied Joey drove towards the hotel Marty was staying at. He had a pistol in his holster and an AK in the trunk. He never expected to be discrete, only to be effective. They arrived. "Apartment 463. This place isn't exactly high class, we should be able to just walk up" And they did. Joey got a few shocked eyes on his gun, but no police attention or anything just yet. They where at the door. Joey conducted it the same way they conducted the last attack. After the door was kicked in hell broke loose. They killed a few people but before they knew it the Barinis where returning fire. Both Victor and Joey took cover behind the counter. Through blind firing and skill they removed the Barinis that where shielding Marty. When all was clear they broke through the next doorway, where only Marty was staying. "C'mon how much? How much? We can settle this easily. I can give you kilos, cash, whatever you want." Marty was terrified. "You wanna have some fun Vic?" Joey looked at Victor Without a word Victor repeatedly punched Marty in the face, and then threw him to the floor. He took out a pocket knife and revealed the blade. He then stabbed Marty in the middle of the neck, at which point he began to bleed and choke. They heard cries. They where coming from the closet. Joey opened it. There was a child, about 11 or 12. He was crying in the corner, pushing against the walls as if he wanted to be even further away from the people who just killed his father. Victor shot him. "You don't want him to live with this. He just saw me kill his father, and a bunch of Marty's mafia friends who he probably knew too." Victor had a point, and Joey could see it. But he was uncomfortable. They left as quickly as possible. The next two weeks or so where more of the same. Day to day work and some skirmishes with the Barinis. The death of their underboss had obviously affected them, and there was more violence. Nothing the D. Vivre Mob couldn't handle though. But then one day Seth had news. "Joey, I managed to find Lawrence." Seth said over the phone "Glad to hear it. Where can we find that son of a bitch?" Joey was eating a burger at their new front. "He has a nice house down town. 65 Greenwich Avenue. To my knowledge he lives alone, maybe with his family." "Thanks Seth, I appreciate it." "No problem." Joey hung up and got to his car. He wouldn't need any back up for this. With in minutes he was at the house, the lights where on and there was a car in the driveway. He had an uzi in his pocket, and he wanted to make it quick. He got out of the car and knocked on the door. A few seconds past, nothing. He knocked again. He heard foot steps, they sounded like high heels. A women answered the door. 40s, brown hair, she was Mrs. O'Bryan. He didn't like killing people in front of their family, but there wasn't much of a choice. "Hello?" The women was right in front of him to him. He pushed her aside. He wasn't going to let her blame herself, he wasn't going to let her think that she let him in. He passed through one room before he got to the living room, where Mr. O'Bryan and his son where watching football. "Sorry I had to do it this way Lawrence" Joey emptied his mag into Lawrence's chest. Then he looked at the kid. "I'm sorry." He ran out to the car, and before he could attract much attention he drove off to the Burger Shot. When he arrived both Victor, Matt and Seth where all there. "Big news?" Joey asked. "Yeah. We have a decision for you to make." Seth replied. "...Well?" Joey was listening. "Seth found some info. Anthony Barini's daughter, April Barini, goes to Joel Read High School. We can take her." Victor explained, never one to deny an opportunity. "You found the Barini Don Daughter? sh*t might be useful." Joey had a heart, but it was masked by the mob. "Yeah, problem is she always gets picked up by a car full of Barinis. We have to take her while school is in session." Seth explained. "Alright fine, we've done worse. School hasn't ended yet today?" Joey wondered. "We have twenty minutes. Let's get over there." And so they do. A short drive gets them to the doors of Joel Read High School. "She should be in room 203, it's on the second floor." Seth as well as the rest of them had Uzis and pistols in their pockets and holsters. "lead the way Seth" He did. The halls where empty, classes must have been going on. Soon enough they reached room 203. They opened the door. "April Barini!" Victor yelled. The room was dead. No noise, just shocked faces. "April motherf*cking Barini!" Victor yelled once more, took out his Uzi, and blasted about a dozen bullet holes into the roof. "Here!" April was crying. Victor walked over to her. "Shut the f*ck up your coming with us." Cries erupted from a few students, Matt fired warning shots. "No, no... You don't know my Dad, you'll pay" She was resisting with surprising effectiveness. An alarm went off. "f*ck we have to hurry Vic" Matt walked over to April and helped Victor drag her to the door. Police sirens came from outside, it was too late to escape. "You c*nt! Look what you've done!" Victor picked up a sharp pencil off a nearby desk and stabbed it into the teen's cheek. In this moment Joey became human. The explosion on the hilltop, the torture of Lawrence, the shoot-out at the West Carcer Hotel, all of it. Everything became one in Joey's mind and he hated himself for it. He was destroying the city and up until this point he couldn't realize it. Now he did. Without a word he walked out of the class room, down the stairs, and right to the door. He came face to face with about 20 cops. He pulled out his Uzi, and shot holes into the cop cars. In only a few seconds, he was dead. The End. Credits: Narcis_Speed6 (Artwork) Sam (Story / Writer) Mike (Editor)
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