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How many hours


How many hours are you on the PC a day?  

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  1. 1. Hours?

    • less than an hour
    • 1-3 h
    • 4-6 h
    • 7-9 h
    • 10+ h

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6 to 7 hours I guess. That is if the wheater is shitty.

If I don't have school it sometimes is more, sometimes less. Depends on my mood.

I am NOT a geek! Just don't really know what to do.

edit: I actually hate MSN. It's really annoying when people keep logging in, I don't really use it anyway.

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Usually about 5h, but in weekends up to 7/8h. Im not a geek i go to gym too.

Lucky you...I cant do that I have two ennoying sisters :)))

Look at the stats no one voted for less than an hour.We`re still PC maniacs :)

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It's really different for me you know. Sometimes I can sit in front of the computer ten hours, but sometimes it only gets one hour a day, know what I'm saying. But usually I guess there's somewhere around 6 hours you know, I have my computer on pretty much all the time but I'm not always near the computer you know.

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Considering I work 4 or 5 hours a day in the comp (8 saturdays) and I am studying a major in computers so homeworks are always in the comp, plus I like to check sites around 2 hours a day, I can easily say that around 8 hours a day, saturdays are 12+ hours.

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