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GTA 4 Song?


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I mean a song that will play while showing the titles.Maybe that`s why they contacted a band,to make a GTA song

SA had one : link


I mean a song that tells you the story/some characters/

There has been in GTA 2 introa short movie ,maybe this time it`ll be a song.Some thing like Hustler`s ambition(50cent) or I dunno maybe some other genre of music...But WHAT GENRE?Of course depending on the game`s theme,I can`t see something fit with Mafia...

Bet it`ll be a cool song if it`ll exists...GTA has great soundtrack but can`t R* make their own GTA song?Something that describes the game athmosphere/reasons....

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Anyone remembers how the GTA III, Vice City or San Andreas trailers was? The first ones?

Edit: Yeah I checked youtube, for an example on the VC official trailer there was a song that didn't even take part in VC... Anyway man it was a nice trailer, you saw Tommy Vercetti do pretty much, like riding a bike. So there's a chance we're going to see a trailer with a song that's not gonna take part in the game. I don't know man.

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Yeah it all depends on the game's theme, time period and all the other things that create the game. The trailer will be out soon, so we'll know probably. It's not that important to me right now, I just wanna see the frickin' game on next-gen, the new protagonist, storyline, map and every other single feature. So excited about this.

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