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San Andreas or Vice City?

don vinny

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At the top it says topics like these don't belong here. You could've posted it where the bossman made the link to or have posted it in the San Andreas or Vice City section.

Mine is Vice City, though.

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i choose Vice City as my favourite all time GTA, great cast, character, nice musics, and the 80's background with lot of cocaine issue. man, it's so unforgettable.

but remember San Andreas features, like the gym, tatoo, restaurant, girlfriend, gambling and it's huge map. that's completely a blast too!

both GTA are great, but somehow i prefer start playin' Vice City again?hahahh..B)

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I like san andreas for all its features, the huge map and better quality cars, but its storyline really lets it down, the whole gangsta theme sucks, and a lot of the story just seems to be a bundle of random events, it strays well away from the main story, (i still dont exactly know what the main story is supposed to be). Vice citys storyline on the otherhand, in my eyes, perfect. Its much more believable and seems to have been thought out much better. And i prefere the city more than SA cities, so yeah i kinda like VC better

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san andreas without a doubt. music was better, story was very gta-ish, more stuff to do, bigger, more freedom, cool characters, bling bling!, the gangsta theme, the glamour, the los angeles theme, having the territory to look after, having lot's of things you have to do, keeping fit, modding cars, being a pimp, the cities, the countryside, the desert, i could go on...

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GTASA. The daddy of all GTA games. No one beats this. Has all features no Gta game's got.

Vice City beats the shit out of San Andreas.

Vice City had a better main character

Vice City had a better storyline

Vice City had a better soundtrack

and most of all


It's my opinion against yours, it's just that my opinion matters. (jokes)

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