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Jack Thompson files suit again Take-Two (again)


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No, your not entering an old topic, he has once again filed another suit against Take-Two, this time saying Take-Two are part of a "vast conspiracy to deprive [him] of his civil rights". Lets do some basic mathematics, court cases JT has one:court cases JT has lost:


Seems no matter what happened's, the two words that come out of his mouth are "law suit" How long will this constant suit of Take-Two by Jack Thompson go on? Not even god knows the answer to that question. Well just have to wait and see, I'm starting myself to feel like I have some powers to see into the future, because I already know how this is gonna end...and so do you.


" In response to the suit that game publisher Take-Two Interactive filed against Jack Thompson last week, Thompson has filed a countersuit against the company, continuing the ever-growing saga of "Jack Thompson v. The World." Thompson claims that Take Two is part of a "vast conspiracy to deprive [him] of his civil rights". Not satisfied with the religiously-motivated diatribe he sent to us here at Ars, Jack is now seeking a legal beatdown of his long-standing enemy.

Thompson even goes so far as to claim that the company has "violated federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) statutes." These statutes are typically used to prosecute organized crime, which Take Two apparently knows something about.

A copy of Thompson's filing, seen by Ars Technica, makes for eye-opening reading. Starting the counterclaim with various quotes from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Thompson then builds his case by parlaying the rhetorically-shady history of Take Two's rise to supposed infamy and chronicling the horrible, terrible, bone-chilling games that have been so unjustly unleashed upon society:

The cravenness of Take-Two is so deep that its attempt to enlist the aid of the very courts that so prominently and correctly played a crucial role in the civil rights movement is an irony undoubtedly lost upon the technologically adroit and morally challenged cultural Neanderthals in the Edinburgh, Scotland, software design studios of Take-Two’s Rockstar Games.

Take that, Take-Two! Though he dislikes the "Neanderthals" at Take Two in general, he reserves special scorn for certain products, like Manhunt. "This is the same Take-Two/Rockstar Games which excreted into the teen world the game Manhunt," he writes, "which inspired the copycat bludgeoning murder by hammer blows of a Leicester, England, youth."

Through a numbered list of facts, Thomson goes on to explain the hardships he and his wife have gone through as a result of his perserverance in the good fight against filth. "Take-Two placed on its official corporate web site at www.rockstargames.com a parody description of Thompson as a bisexual pedophile," he says. "This ploy generated the sending of sex aid products to Thompson’s wife and other harassment, by design. Thompson has asked Take-Two to remove this material. It is still there, nearly two years later." (This is less funny when Thompson reveals that his wife has been suffering from ovarian cancer.)

Eventually, the real allegations begin. Perjury, obstruction of justice, racketeering and more are noted in the claim. According to Thompson, this industry-wide conspiracy has spread from Take Two Interactive to all kinds of "third parties":

Take-Two, either directly or through its agents, including but not limited to Blank Rome, has collaborated and conspired with third parties to commit these racketeering activites, including but not limited to the Entertainment Software Association, the Entertainment Software Rating Board, the Entertainment Consumer Association, www.gamepolitics.com, www.kotaku.com, www.spong.com, www.joystiq.com, www.gamespot.com, www.ign.com, Game Informer, Electronic Gaming Weekly, Penny Arcade, Doug Lowenstein, and others.

Thompson concludes by seeking redress for the damages done to his "his business, person, and/or property." More information on Take Two's response, as well as trial at large, will be posted when it becomes available. In the mean time, I'm going to reread the countersuit. With writing like this, who needs Harry Potter? "

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