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Forelli Excess and Diablo Stallion


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Diablo Stallion is around the Harwood area, and the Forelli Excess is around newport, but it might take time to find the Forelli Excess.

The Diablo Stallion is more like in Hepburn Heights. It's a rare gang car so drive around the area and one should spawn.

The Forelli Excess is found in eastern Rockford when you complete "Bringing The House Down". If you haven't completed that mission yet, then they can be found regularly in Fort Staunton, Rockford, and Newport.

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I love those two cars especially the Foreeli Excess

I like Forelli Excess very much too.

Anyways I have noticed that Forelli Excesses didnt appear after you completed The Sicilian Gambit.(Atleast in my game)

I think the same as you when i didnt notice that Forelli Excesses didnt appear after that mission

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