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NOTE: I have absolutely no idea if this is true or not, so don't harass me about this. I’m just simply quoting someone for some conversation.

First of all I want to say that this is just a RUMOR, please no flaming, just trying to tell other people what I've heard.

So with that out of the way, here is the good stuff. My uncle knows someone that works at Rockstar North as a programmer. This is what he told my uncle who then told me when my family visited him last night. He said that GTA IV is going to be an MMO (something everyone has wanted for a long time) and will also have the normal one player-story mode. The online part will work alot like other MMO's. There will be multiple servers, player housing, quests, classes, affiliation (this will be like the "race" in other MMO's). He didn't know anything about the classes, but the affiliation aspect was very cool. When you make a character you will be able to choose thier affiliation, which is basicaly what organization they belong too. They are split up into a tier, there is The Mafia, Gangs, and Police (and probably more). They way the tier works is that there are multiple groups under the main affiliation (ie. there are different gangs you can join if you affiliate yourself with gangs) all with there own advantages/disadvantages. Thats all he told me, and I hope it is true. This could be the best game ever made.

Once again, this is only a RUMOR, I am in NO WAY saying that it is going to happen.

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Man that sounds awesome, that's exactly what I've been saying man, if GTA turns MMO that would be great, but of course even better if they also have the regular one player mode, oh man. If it's going to be an MMO then Things Will Be Different explains pretty much. But yeah, it's just a rumor, a lot of people have been saying that they have a family member working for R* and all, but we'll see, only 1 day left until the trailer is out :D

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Its interesting, but to be honest why would someone go and tell anyone that if they knew they would let the information out? Not only would it risk the Rockstar's Staff members job, so I can't see why they would risk such a thing. But yeah, it's possible, but well see tomorrow night.

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