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How to make a Mod?


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Firstly, this isn't the right place to post questions about GTA modding. This topic should probably be in San Andreas Modding (unless its for a different game).

Secondly, we have topics in there detailing mods. Here is an extract from the San Andreas Modding Tutorial:

Can I make a mod myself?

Probably not straightaway, learning to mod can take quite a while, because you have to use several different pieces of software. It isn't impossible, but making good mods can take years of practice and hard work. By all means, if you have plenty of time on your hands, you should learn - it would be great to have some more modders. Just don't think it is as easy as drawing a car in an application, painting it a certain colour, and installing it in the game. For a start, you must be completely aware of how to install mods into San Andreas and, if you're making cars, be able to change some things on your own (like the handling and carcols). The best place to start would be buildings really, they don't move or have animations.

I'm afraid that not many people here are modders, and the few that are don't have the time to sit with everybody and show them how to mod step by step. There are quite a few tutorials around the internet, but the best places to start (in my opinion) is by playing around in Sketchup or 3DS Max - and they aren't free either.

Your best bet in almost every situation is to download ready built mods. I'm afraid that modders are often too busy to answer every request for a custom car. I've been waiting 17 months for one from Suction Testicle Man...

But if you still think you can make a mod, There are tutorials on Coding, Making Cars and Texturing.

If you have experience modding other games, that'll help a lot. If you're completely new to it and don't have a clue, it's going to be really hard. If you have some specific questions that need answering, let us know. Otherwise, good luck.

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