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GameInformer's World Exclusive GTAIV Preview - Details

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Actually, that's the one thing I hate about the GTA series. I want open access to the entire map/city. The first mod I did

to my GTA games (PC versions) was to alter the mass of roadblocks so I could kick them out of the way & find all of the

hidden packages & side work. Then in SA you get someone who could swim, but got that automatic 4-star warrant.

The next buzzkill will be no Mavericks, they just RULE!

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I hope OPM don't have the same preview that GI got, otherwise we'll barely get any new info which would be a shame.

Yes, I hope too, well GI and OPM did the same with GTA SA, GI wrote 10 pages as a preview for SanAndreas, and I`ve heard that OPM wrote 13 pages, with more detailed game features reveal...Maybe will do the same with GTA 4, and 13 pages is enough if there are more details about the game...

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