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Rockstar Games Era - A Video

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At the end of the R* Broadcast was a link to a video put together by Rockstar with clips from a number of their most famous titles. The video is to celebrate a "proper era of digital entertainment" with the message "on to the next".

Before I even watched the trailer I noticed a few inconsistencies in the Roman numerals used by Rockstar, and a few other sites seem to have also picked up on this.

This image is what was shown in the broadcast email, the Roman numerals here translate to 1918 - 2007. Odd, seeing as the R* Games label was formed in 1998 (the Roman numerals in the footer of R*'s site confirm this). Further, the features page on Rockstar's website in addition to the trailer itself display the Roman numerals MCXVIII - MMVII, translating to 1118 - 2007. Now 1118 as a year doesn't really make any sense here, but as a date, November 18th? We're not sure why different dates are being used, or whether it's a genuine error.

UPDATE: It was just a typo

Above, the video itself, a great compilation of many clips from many great titles. The titles shown include nearly all of the Grand Theft Auto series, May Payne, Manhunt, Bully, Midnight Club, Table Tennis, and Red Dead Revolver.

The song in the video by the way, you will probably all recognise from San Andreas as it was featured on the K-DST radio station. It is called Eminence Front, by The Who

Link: RockstarGames.com Features

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