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New GTA IV details leaked

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A fresh set of Grand Theft Auto: IV rumours have been spilled across the internet suggesting that the recently revealed lead character dies early on in the game and you assume the role of his Russian cousin.

Via way of various forums and discussions comes what many are claiming to be new GTA: IV details. Rockstar obviously won't comment either way on what rumours are doing the rounds this week, but if these turn out to be true, it looks like the NYC-based publisher tried to lead us up the garden path with what it revealed in the debut trailer (which you can see here, just in case you missed it).

Spoiler Warning: Just in case the following turns out to be true and you don't want to know anything about the story, look away now.

Apparently the lead character Nikko Bellic (the bloke from the trailer) is murdered early on in the game during a dodgy drug deal that goes horribly wrong.

Nikko is said to have fled Estonia to escape some dodgy Mafioso types and the rumours suggest that the story centres on a turf war between Italian and Russian families. Once this news reaches Bellic's mother land his cousin, Roman Petronov, takes the news very badly and sets sail for the US of A.

Petronov is said to be disturbed by the news of the murder and wants his revenge. But he doesn't just wade in there with sideways-pointing pistols and a bad attitude. He decides to do a bit of a Tony Montana, and work his way up the gangsta food chain first, before confronting those responsible for his cousin's untimely end.

Word is that playing as Roman Petronov you have to choose which gang to join to rise to the top of. You could be mugged, begged or jumped on to join the warring factions of Liberty City.

That rumour alone suggests that the game could turn out to be pretty open and non-linear, if you get to choose between three gangs. Presumably you'll have the chances to jump from gang to gang if things weren't going your way - with a bit of bloodshed thrown in along the way, of course.

Details that six motorcycles vehicles and three helicopters would make the final cut, though there will be no planes, were also hinted at.

Don't expect Rockstar to comment on the above at all. We'll just have to wait and see.

From Mark at GTAYard

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