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Or maybe my primitive eyes will melt down when they saw it! :rofl2:

I hope not, you seem really nice. I will not kill you after I take this planet.

OK, then!

Post a picture of you doing some "impossible" stuff.

Your primative camera's can't grasp my powers. You can only see them for yourself.

Your infantile brain can't grasp reality.

My brain knows everything, it can grasp everything.

I must be off, the sun is down and so are my powers, so sleep will do me good. Goodnight.

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Lay off the Superman.... Put the comics down and turn off the movie.... It's all getting to your head.

Oh I finally meet the almightey Spaz. How are you? Oh and I haven't read any Superman comics... :P

I know he's not superman! I mean does he believe he is superman.

I am not superman, but look up Kal-El, he is my brother.

OH my god, it's my sworn mortal enemy... teh NERD!

Does that big 'S' stand for 'SPAM'?

What's that? Yes?

Thought so... <_<

Ah...an idiot, with the name MrLlamaLlama makes you sound like an animal, and you complete your own questions, without actully asking the person. Makes you more of an idiot.

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