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PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii


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What the hell I was so pissed when I went to buy my PS3 and found out I had to get a free movie. Its a gaming console I'd rather have a game than a movie when I first buy my console. And it doesn't deliver the movie all around the world. I never got mine in the end. Just put it in the fucking box Sony!

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Personally I think it would have fucked up the game. I like that you just have the simple Mii look to it. And trust me, it's far more fun then Virtua tennis and stuff. It's a game that fully uses the motion sensing thing, so you actually make the tennis movement and stuff. It doesn't HAVE to be exact, but if you do it adds quite a bit more fun to it.

Maybe you should once try the Wii before saying stuff about it. It's kinda hard to describe you know.

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It's better to try it first, yeah..

Well you can always go to a big shop. They usually would let you try it.

It has considerably less 'power' then the ps3, but offers really good gameplay IMO. Also, you'd have to like games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid and SSB if you'd buy any Nintendo product. Cause that's the style most games have (IMO great. But some would (strongly) disagree)

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I'm not sure. Don't think so cause I can't remember Fifa on the NGC. But yeah, if you're more for those type of game ps3 or 360 would probably be better. But maybe someone you know will ever get a Wii with Zelda or something so you can try it their. You have to play Zelda for about 2 hours, then you'll get the hang of how everything goes in that game and can more or less determine if you like it.

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