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GTA Classics Memorial

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I wouldent be able to live without GTA! No fun games, No TGTAP. Heck, TGTAP would have been TCOWP The Cow Place.


Seriously, it is.

Yeah, Now i'm trying to play through the GTAIII trilogy, (III, VC, SA) In between college work. (Mentioned because GTAIII is kinda oldschool)

I gave up playing GTA 2 not long ago, it gets damned hard. GTA1, never seriously attempted to pas the missions for ages. Not since iw as like 8 :P when my bro/bro's did the hard bits.... hehe, i'm such a sponger...

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Because in my country game stores only care about the new stuff, pes 6 and fifa are sometimes all they care about, that shit sucks.

Not pes 6 and fifa, the stores suck but sometimes you can catch one of those games( very difficult).

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They might not seem like much now, well that's because they're 10 years old, but these kick started IMO the best games series of ALL TIME!!!!!!!!

Without the originals there would be no GTA 3, VC, SA, LCS, VCS and 4.

These games were far ahead of their time back in 1997/98.

Lots of respect for them.:)

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hey if i still had them i would play them now they're still rele good games even if the graphics aren't "next gen" but who cares????


People who call these games "sh*t" or anything else, and call themselves GTA fans really should be punched in the guts. (I wasn't talking about anyone here)

I would still play GTA 1 and 2 if I still had them.

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I get pissed when people say 'why bother playing them' or 'they're shit' you are all n00bs. They did start it all, and DMA design did kick ass so hard. They did make 'Ignition' - Still one of the best games i've ever played.

Screw this , i'm gonna go kill me some orange wearing shouty people !GOURANGA!

I'm pretty sure DMA turned into Rockstar North. Sort of like how recently, Mad Doc Software turned into Rockstar New England.

I haven't played the classics as much since there are 3D GTA games, but there are some unique things the top down versions had...like belching.

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