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Relations to GTA 3 and VC

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I have found some cool things which are in SA, but come from Vice City, or GTA 3 which shows that they are somehow linked :

1. Inside Zero's store on the rack by the counter, and on the wall behind the counter there are actionfigures of Tommy and Lance from VC

(to get into the store you must have Zero's missions completed)

2.Also our favorite Pornstar Cand Suxx is abck aswell, you can see her on a Las Venturas billboard, or in several of CJ's safehouses, but you must have bought a property outside of the mandatory ones you've been given

3. In VC the hidden package sign was a strange statue, a store in Los Santos has the package on a wall, as it's sign. (can't rememebr where though anymore...)

4.Also, when you play Poker in Las Venturas the Cards have previous characters from GTA 3 and VC, here's a list:

Jack of Spades: Lance Vance

Jack of Clubs: Darkel

Jack of Hearts: Film Studio Director

Jack of Diamonds: 8-Ball

Queen of Spades: Vice City Girl

Queen of Clubs: Misty

Queen of Hearts: Candy Suxxx

Queen of Diamonds: Asuka

King of Spades: Sonny Forelli

King of Clubs: Salvatore Leone

King of Hearts: Ricardo Diaz

King of Diamonds: Donald Love

pretty cool huh? I hope none of this has been posted before... :thumbsup:

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well i aint seen them posted, i did find the vice city ones before though, i told my mates about them, there is also another game right ???. and i know nearly every one probs know's this, but in the mission wuzimu, guess whos in the background, and also another thing that most peeps know, the person in the backround has another part, and in that part it shows us something that obviosly leads to something many of us remember. and yes, i have also seen candy suxxx on bilboards, and also, there is the vrock hotel in las venturas.

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