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Modding Idea


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Hello everybody! :D

I just wanted to check in and ask if there's enough skillz around here to make a total mod for GTA:SA?

Things that would be needed is people with knowledge in:


Scripting (i guess)



+ more small details

I was just thinkin it would be cool with a nicely siced map for Multiplayer gaming.

Cuz what i were thinkin about is a TOTAL mod!

With only new cars! and that would be "Real" cars.

All new chars to choose from.

MAYBE a new set of weps.

All new radio-stations.


Graphic images such as login-screen (if needed), Loading screens and minor textures in the game and also the radio-stations are the things i could do.

Well, It would be cool, BUT VERY VERY HARD!!!

Just a thought.. ;)

pZ Out // djb

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Hell yeah! I was just thinking that too. B) First post here, but hasent anyone ever done a total mod before?

I meen all it takes is a butload of patients and some skilled people and it is on it's merry way.

I know people who are good at modeling and texturing including me, but none that know any scripting ect.

I'm in and so are some of my friends, if it's with a groupe of people who know wtf their doing :D

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Why haven't I seen any of you newbies in the Introduction thread? ^_^

What naughty little boys you are.

Oh, urbanoutlaw, one of our rules here are no double posting. Just a heads up.

And welcome dunedan! Hope to see more of you 'round here. :hi:

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