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I spose I'm a SAPP member considering Jorider uses / used my site's online file manager

I'm sorry but your not a SAPP member, why not: becourse if you where you would be making perfect pictures with the SAPP stamp wich you don't have.

But you can always become a member if you can make pictures of San An.

Maybe it's time to make an official gang on thegtaplace of SAPP, what do you think Spaz?

We don't have much members, but we can also accept members that don't make perfect pictures but make other things for the gang, like MVI.

He made an online screenshot gallery with i'm using for my VCPP pictures (more about that soon it's still "Under Construction").

Anyway let's continue:

I made this at the airport frontier after i killed that irritating person inside his boulding.

It's a picture of the monitor inside.


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Many points, your already in a gang, Joyrider not on enough to be a don, 2 isn't enough to be official and some other crap.

I'm gonna upload a movie I did where I landed on the tallest building in Los Santos in a LearJet (forget what they're called)

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In order to see my pics, you have to click "pictures" on the left side of the screen the link takes you to.

And where should I post them, spaz? I assumed "picture perfect" would be the place...

This is for Joyrider's SAPP group((which really only consists of 2-3 of us)) to post the official Picture Perfect screenshots.

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You have to upload them, IPB 2 allows multiple attachments you see.

That and the multi-quote are my favorite features. Besides that, it's actually pretty irritating. I've just grown attached to 1.3. It's kind of like switching from Photoshop 7.0 to Photoshop CS. But, that will never happen with me.

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