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Can I join SAPP? The camera's one of my favourite features of the game, saves on the print screen shennanigans.

Here's a couple of my "efforts", the second ones a humour thing.



I got distracted and crashed the damn thing :D

look where it landed....

a plane which is a sex addict OOH!!!

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"SOME YOU LOVE YO SHOW" equals, one picture?

And you cannot derail a train unless you are in the drivers seat. If by trail you mean train, you cant get 2 trains on 2 track. Doesnt happen.

One fun thing to do is go up to the train lines near Katies place (Katie? North of LV?). Park a limo on the fence, so that if a train were to hit it, the limo would be pushed against the fence and wouldnt go anywhere...

Unstoppable force meets unmovable object :P

Train goes through limo. -.-

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I want to Join too!This is the pictures I took right off the ps2 using GTA Gallery Viewer and PS2 Save Tool.








This Andromeda I got by using my Codebreaker


And the BEST Picture I EVER took...I Crashed an AT-400 without it blowing up!!!


Also here is pics from my trip to Liberty City in San Andreas Via Codebreaker Cheat.



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Earlier posts seemed bent on train derailment, so here...


This was taken after I tried to back a train from Unity Station to LV (didn't get far :lol: ). I did this before CJ went to his

house for "Big Smoke" at the beginning of the game.


nice derailment

however u must had driving fast at 60 or above

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can some 1 help me

how do i get my pics from san ansreas onto the pc

check the other topic's !

I guess that there aren't many gadget's to watch tv or movie's outside your house in San Andreas but this.. ... ...

Or maybe it's a gadget, maybe he has a watch that can make a hologram of a tv :unsure: .

lol look that guy the tv isnt in his hands its over them he have special powers - levitation

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