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Which Do You Think Was Better  

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  1. 1. The best game out of the choices

    • San Andreas
    • Liberty City Stories
    • Vice City Stories
    • Vice City
    • GTA III
    • Haven't played any

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GTA IV on PS2? The demands would be to much for the old consoles. PS3 is build around the N-vidia 7200

video card & the Blue-Ray disc, like trying to run any thing from GTA3 up on a PS1. SA flies on my PC

but when IV comes out for PC I'll probably upgrade (for the love of Phil Cassidy PLEASE make it XP compatible!!).

Best bet would be watch E-bay for an X-box 360, they're starting to come down (a little, + X360 is supposed to

have extra missions or content to download). :coolthumbup:

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So this was in the SA section? If the topic title and description were both GTA IV, I wonder why it'd belong there, and next time, try to make your title and description have a hint to what the topic's going to be about.

To answer your question... or not really... why would a game meant for PS3 be on PS2?

Lastly, I picked Vice City.

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If they put it on PS2...

1) They would have to put it on the old engine and redevelop it, too much time and money.

2) People wouldnt bother with the PS3, then Sony would lose massive money.

So its a no for the PS2, my favorite at the moment is GTA VCS because Im still doing the missions, (oly got it on Thursday) and I love completing the game. I also like the feel of Liberty City so GTA III is good too. SA is best for features.

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ok, let me clear this up:

first of all, there's no way in hell they will make it in PS2, i'm sorry, that's the truth. so you better start saving now to buy a next-gen console

second of all, GTA IV will beat all of the old ones, although we still in the dark about the story

and finally:

Best Gameplay: GTA SA

Best Story: Vice City

Best City: SF, LV, LS

Best Overall: Vice City

at least according to my opinion :rolleyes:

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The first GTA I ever played was Vice City on the PC, one year later I played GTA 3 and two years later I played GTA SA ( september 2005 ) but I was already a GTA Vice city addic ...

Nothing will ever replace Vice City ... The soundtrack is 100/10 and the athmosphere is 50/10 ...

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