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Happy 18th Birthday Gerard


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So, today is Gerard's 18th birthday. He's been one of the best people you could ever wish to have on your forum moderating team. He's helped out with this forum a hell of a lot during his time as both a forum moderator and super mod, and has strived to keep it running smoothly - which it mostly has done, thanks to him and the joint efforts of the other staff here too.

Gerard can now legally do a lot more than he could yesterday, buying a GTA game for instance, but also other important things such as buying alcohol and pr0n. Now I could go on here, but knowing you lot you probably wouldn't bother reading the whole topic :P

But anyway, from September (if all goes to plan) Gerard and I will be studying at the same university which should be good fun, we've already become great friends through the Internet, and have met a couple of times in real life before.

So here's to Gerard, let's hope he continues his great efforts in moderating the forums, and indeed on running his own websites such as Grand Theft Wiki and Shock Gadgets. Happy Birthday mate!


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