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Victor's face in TGTAP news

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first of all, i know that this is reaally unnecesary and extremely unimportant, but why is there no victor in the front page news picture, there's just Tony(left), Tommy(front), Claude(back), and CJ(right)

i was just picturing that in october, there might be Nico Bellic's face in the front, but when i think about it, there's no Victor Vance either, and since Vance is my third favourite character, maybe you should put him in the news chris.

or not

it's up to you, i don't know, but it's definitely missing someone chris

i know! it's really unimportant, unnecessary, and i probably get warning for this, but PLEASE don't throw your anger at me :nope:

peace dudes :hi:

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Are you talking about the site banner?


And those prominent under each game category?

I guess Chris just hasn't had time to update them, probably something we will think of doing soon. If he gives me the okay I would be more then happy to do it for him.

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well, yeah, i am talking about the site banner, and i don't know, it just seems old you know?

i wasn't sure posting about this at first, but since there's no update from 2006, i think VCS should be in there, because this is one of the biggest GTA fan site on the web right??! :)

haha, if you think that this is unnecessary, just close it, but if this is debatable, then okay :P

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Ha, wow, actually completely forgot to be honest.

At the moment, I'm not sure what we're gonna do about the banners, if we're going to put Niko in as well it's going to be very overcrowded. We'll need to redesign for sure.

And you know what else sucks, the one PSD which I lost is the one for the main logo, I have the psd's for ALL the others, just not the main one... bugger. :(

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