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black boxville

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You have to complete the mission "Home Invasion" for Ryder first. Then you'll need to find the parked Black Boxville (Opposite the Gym in Los Santos, Press what is told to start the mission. From there the on screen instructions will guide you through the mission. Remember that you MUST use the parked Black Boxville to start the mission.

FOR basics,tactics and else : http://www.gta-sanandreas.com/guides/sub-missions/index.php

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On the PC (US v1), the Boxville is open from the beginning. :ph34r:

In Los Santos it's parked across from the Ganton GYM between the apartments.

San Fierro is about a block west of the Fire station by CJ's garage in Dohrety.

Los Venturas is by a warehouse behind Come-a-lot next to the Julius Thruway East.

Lockups, to finish the missions will show up on your radar. SF &LV are where the trucks are parked.

Now remember, just steal from the bad people. :lol:

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