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I have been here a while. :) I just thought I would create a little introduction topic. Well I am Cody, if you all ever need anything just PM me ok. I decided over like 10 forums this is the one I am going to stay at. For Obvious reasons. B) I am 16, like alot of things.

I also created this topic for appologizing.

@ Jace. Sorry man. I got carried away in the warzone.

@ V V- We cool bro? Again im sorry bro, I get carried away.

You all got to know though Silberio is like my best bud ^_^

Well Like I said I am Cody. I was going to make this a while ago but, I didnt make an introduction topic, I thought I should.



Thats me. Thats also me and my cat. SHE IS FREAKIN AWSOME! I got 3 dogs too lol. Thanks guys. Once again PM anytime you all want.



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Although this is completely unnecessary regarding that there's already one introduction topic where you

can introduce yourself.

But I suppose it's okay and I don't wanna sound like an old fag.


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Hi. Me female. You male.

I have more pets than you.


Oscar-Boston Terrier-1 year old

Elvis-Boston Terrier-5 months old

Bear-Shetland Sheepdog-15 years old

Annabelle-Bouvier-1 year old


Isabelle-7 years old

Lisa-6 years old

Buddy-1 year old

Ozzy-1 year old

Nikki-11 years old

I had two gerbils last year, Stevie and Yzerman (Go Red Wings) but they died :(

Oh, and rats are the coolest pets to have. I had one named Vinny but he got sick and died a few years ago. I also had a number of rabbits and budgies and other dogs and cats. I <3 animals and went to college for Animal Care <3

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