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MrLlamaLlama's GFX [CLOSED]

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Hey everyone... I've ground to a halt. College is in full demand, i have to work my fucking ass of these next two weeks... High demand work...

So i'm gonna have to postpone any requests currently unfinished now until... *looks at calendar* week beginning 19th October (from then until Christmas, college is on easy street, so I'll be at home alot more, and in a much better mood)

Sorry for any requests that got lost in my social / educational oblivion.

Auction continues as usual, and has an official end date of november 30th. Any remaining graphics will be.... ermmm...ground up and sold as sausages. :gappy:

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The auction is over, you've probably all forgotten by now... but hey. All the winners will be PM'd soon...

The winners are...

Slyde wins the half life 2 concept Sig, with a bid of 200 dollars

Mel wins the halo3 sig, with a bid of 600, and my old sig / avatar with a bid of 500 dollars

The DMC wallpapers go to Joy Division / machete / dirty harry for a totla of 150 dollars

Heavanly blade is the winner of the GTAIV skyline sig, coming in at a whopping 10 dollars.

The 'life is complicated' sig goes to highwire, with an astonishing 1 dollar bid.

These members will have 1 week to send me the money as confirmation, after which they will receive their sigs. Further work / modification will be done for free.

Unless a specific reason is given why a member cannot claim for the time being, their image, along with the other spares will be posted here as free images / templates.

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Ice, you got it, i'll try today.

Highwire, you know i don't send urls, i send images, you can host it yourself.

Easy - E, some more details would be nice.

Alsom, highwire and easy e, there's no need to PM me as well as posting here...

EDIT: Ice, i gave it a go, but a few things:

1. It's kind of an acquired taste, you might not like the stlye... -_- But then again you might.

2. The text might be a little bit hard to read, but given the style, i find it okay, it's still up to you.

3. It doesn't have a stroke, i think it would disrupt the colour style of the sig if i did it in black, so i used a white glow inside instead.

4. It's kind of an experimental style, so i haven't had chance to refine it yet, to see other results.

5. I hope you like it anyway!

6. Here it is : sig.png

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Dude I now need a map for Auto Theft. Using the information in my story I need you to make a perfect map (Or whaterver you can do just as long as I get one). I know that this is free but if it's awesome I will pay you. Oh yeah and I added the Special thanks to you in my Story post.

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I have a request, not a pic to use on the forums but for myself.

I wanted a russian guy holding an ak-47

Red background

Type IVAN ALEXANDROV in black with russian letters.

If you need more details just say.


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Ok guys, your are the last requests i'll be doing in the shop, i'm shuting it up. I'll PM y'all when i'm done...

Thanks to JayD ;), Joy division, OGTAM, IVAN, and also everyone who requested.

And thanks to everyone for giving me your moneys helping me improve...

Peace out.

Oh, and i'm feeling charitable, call those last requests free. ;)

Mike / Shadow 539:


Like it? (wasn't sure about putting the specs in, it's a nice touch, but maybe not what you were looking for)


Do you want a map of the other cities (not The ones from liberty city?) because a map of LC is google - able, i'll do the others if that's what you want, i don't really get you...

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