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Movies that made you cry ...


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Post here the movies that made you cry :cry: , and also why ...

I cried the first time I saw the Titanic ( that was back in 2000 ) because it was so sad that Jack died, :(:cry: also his last words were so deep ... So tragic ... :'( :cry:

Also there were some soap operas I used to watch 4 or 5 years ago ... Now I find SO boring :thumbsdown:

Last week I saw the movie Stand By Me ( 1986 ), the movie was fun to watch, lots of adventures ... but at the end, there was no happy end because one of the main actors died ( in the movie ), he was stabbed while trying to intervene a fight ... I liked him the most and right in the last minute of the movie I found out that he died :((((

If I remember more I`ll post them here ...

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Titanic...umm...same reason as Gycu.

Actually, Terminator 2 made me cry a lil', it was sad at the end.

Scarface, when he died.

Forrest Gump, i dont know why, but it wasnt "ooh, how terrible".

Memphis Belle, I tought that "Danny Boy" was going to die, he got heavy wounded.

Thats all i can remember for now.

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I first saw Scarface 2 years ago but I didn`t cried ...

And probably The Terminator 2 Ending made me drop some tears :cry: ...

The Passion Of The Christ was indeed sad, but not that sad for me to make me cry ... I was to busy watching the brutalaty ...

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What Dreams May Come always makes me cry when he decides to stay in hell with his wife.

Johny C does too, the little boy reminds me of tapes of my older brother when he was younger.

I cry during a lot of movies actually, Spaz always makes fun of me >.<

Of COURSE I'm going to make fun of you. That's just to hide the fact that at the end of these movies I'm crying inside and it hurts that I can't actually show it.....

OH SHIT...... I said that aloud, didn't I?

Oh, I almost forgot. Click almost made me cry the first time I saw it.

Click made someone else cry, too ;)

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