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police and gang a.i

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1 star: a policeman or two try to chase you, if they get the chance, they will tackle you to the ground, of course you should be able to fight them off.

2 stars: the police are more alert, they sprint after you, they arent afraid to use force, e.g hitting you over the head with a nightstick.

3 stars: the police start to carry pistols, they try to fire at your legs to slow you down. they will still try to arrest you, but they dont mind using more force.

4 stars: swat and helicopters appear, they will fire at you with smg's and more powerful pistols. if they ever get the chance, they will arrest you, but they dont mind killing you.

5 stars: the fbi want you dead, they carry ak47s and m16's, even if they get the chance to arrest you, they will most probably shoot you instead

6 stars: warzone! the army come after you with shotguns, smg's, m16s, an occasional army guy will even have a rocket launcher.

obviously say it was two stars, they would sprint for you, even though i didnt put it, they would sprint at you at higher stars than just 2.

gangsters n police should use objects for cover, e.g bins or walls. they actually know how to duck. god knows how many headshots i have had in previous games.

what u guys think? good posts so far!

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about the police shooting you in the legs, to slow you down.\

i think this game is going to be very realistic, i am becoming a cop. cops are trained to only pull there gun to shoot and kill. were not allowed to use a gun unless our intention is to kill. because the only time you should ever pull a gun on someone, is if you plan on killing them, there no such thing as shooting them in there legs, its not real life senario. so i think the police in gta, will be like that. they will probly have tazer guns, pepperspary, and stuff like that.

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i got an idea for the police system in liberty city

in some of the mags they said peds and cops cud remember past events and what you look like. i also noticed that police cars each hav their own number on the back which cud mean that if you get chased by the cop that drives the "53" car and get away he wud remember you and the next time the "53" cop sees you driving by he'd start chasing you again until you get arrested, then after he arrests you he'd hav nothing to arrest you for so he wudnt chase you.

this also means the bribe and pay n spray system wud hav to be tossed. i think they shud make it so when your in a chase with the cops and you switch cars without any cops around to see you and u get out of the area quickly enough, your wanted level shud dissapear.

maybe they cud keep the bribe option, only you actually hav to pay for the bribe instead.

in one of the new previews it said that the police are much better at spotting stolen cars like if you hav a broken window

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