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tommy vercetti guy

Multi Theft Auto

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Does anyone play MTA?

if u do, u have 2 andswer these questions i have please cause i wanna start multi theft auto and play it!

1. Can u use mods like cars and stuff?

2. can u use skins (downloaded skins)?

3. Can u save while playing 4 the money and stuff?

4. I see a map that is called "vice city stunt" do u need a mod 2 play on that kind of map?

5. Can you use cheats?

6. Are there any pedstrians and traffic on the streets?

7. will there be missions and stuff to do in MTA?

8. I see people with differnt types of skins like candy sux skin, da colonel skins, how do you get them?

Please andswer them, its so boring playing 1 player :'( :'( :'(

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Okay I'm an experienced MTA player and I'll Answer these

1. Yes you can install mods (map, cars, handlings)

2. NO

3. No you can't save, their all a play and leave server

4. No you don't need a mod to enter stunt, you can go into either stunt or deathmatch depends on if you liek killing or stunting

5. Yes there are mods not cheats (the ones you type)

6. The only people and cars you see are the ones you play online with (meaning other actual online players)

7. No missions really, unless your in clan wars, or the admin is playing a game (cops and robbers) or your just setting a goal for your score

8. Usually there are 5-6 differ players to choose from, each of them have 2-3 unique skins that appear randomly if you choose em

EX: I choose Candy 5 times over the course of the game if i die

I might come out to be Candy 3 times, A Girl In white Thongs and a Cowboy Hat, and some Barbie Girl.

You just gotta play around with it until you get the hang of it

Hope I gave you all the info you need

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