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GTA San Andreas:Weird Things

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Gotta delete this for being non-English, sorry dudes, dudettes. It's the way of the US based Forums! ^^


I will add, it's funny how these dormant threads get bumped in this case, doesn't happen on GTAC, my forums.


As for the Kifflom thing, I enjoyed Rockstar's handling of it in previous cases, but I had a little concern when I first died in GTA V and met Chris Formage as a Heavenly deity, again, I like to see religion handled responsibly in any media/medium where it might offend. Sensibilities, etc. It's humor was still handled rather adeptly, so as one person pointed out, how would the cult thing expand in GTA, I don't think making the cults out to be real would have a good outcome for GTA, it's to knock air from pretentious real-world ideas, but religion at it's core is not a cult or something that one can say there's absurdity to be poked fun at, because no one knows, my point again, the arguments rage because when you're dead, the finality of mortal life, then and only then will you know the ultimate truth.


Rockstar's parody and satire only really works well if you know there's truth behind it, real world, tangible fallacies in one degree or another


I haven't played the older San An in recent months or years?!? But I think most strange things have been discovered by now, a lot of the code induced errors pop up in any game, and the more the same engine is used, the same type of errors are likely to surface, since the construction of the gaming elements are built on the same platform

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