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GTA IV Special Edition Images

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Rockstar have released some great high res images of what you'll be getting in the special edition of Grand Theft Auto IV. I don't need to say any more, just click the thumbnails below.

artbook_th.jpg music_th.jpg safety_deposit_box_th.jpg duffel_bag_th.jpg

all_ps3_th.jpg all_360_th.jpg

I guess all true GTA fans will be buying this.

Thanks MishoM.

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I still would like a GTA:IV sticker... When I bought Bully SE I got a R* sticker that I put on the back of my SUV... I wonder if that safe is steel, that would be great... I am most definitely going to keep my game in there so little fukkos won't be trying to play on it while I'm not home :)... That is a perfect idea... Much props to R*

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