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They better not ban it - I can't believe they banned Manhunt 2 in the UK (thankgod for the internet). It doesn't make sense because the crimes associated with video games are commited by kids, but the game is (at least in the UK) set at 18, so if kids are getting hold of these games then blame the damn parents/guardians not the game makers!!! But somehow Britney dressing up as a little girl and encouraging pedos is perfectly acceptable?!?! dumb ass judges know jack

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With Manhunt gone for the moment I am sure they will be working to insure it can pass ratings.

They are going to have to lower the violence in Manhunt 2 because it got an A/O rating... Now this game is going to be weak... Damn all of those companies who won't accept an A/O rating

I'm not really worried about GTA4 because no matter the rating, they won't take any of the action away... People can always get it shipped to them from another country.. Luckily I live in the US... Our government isn't THAT strict, they may be retarded all the time, but they aren't strict as hell... They can leave it at a simple "Rated M" and let it go

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The first Amendment works again.

Nice to get something useful after putting up w/ all the retard politicians.

Can I get a "HELL YEAH!"

Hells to the mudda-fu**in yeah

I just wish they'd make ManHunt 2 "Unrated" so we can buy it without R* having to weaken it... Or let them have the unedited version available at some online store that we can buy it at

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Sex games aren't banned here.

Nobody wants to get sued for selling them to a dumbass who can't read a box.

Like the little old woman in NJ who got SA for her grandson (age 14). Then she walks in on the kid playing after he unlocked

the "Hot Coffee" feature & freaked (let me guess, CJ & a white girl. GET OVER IT!!!). What part of "MA" rating says give this

game to kids? Granted I let my 12-year-old play SA, but it's w/ my direct supervision.

For those who didn't know the story, that's the reason for GTASA version 2.

And now Grampa will get off his soapbox....

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no like games with hot coffee, but you dont need to hack the system to get it. btw you dont UNLOCK HC, you use some hack system to get it or use a mod to put it in the game. Its not even a debug feature. its pretty much like PUTTING a mod on the game that makes them naked. you could do that to any game?

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"Hot Coffee" was in SA from the beginning, the code is even the PS2 & X-Box versions. When it came out on PC some playing

around w/ the save files (I think PatrickW) found a bit that turned it on & made a utility to access this. There's a also savefile

editor that can turn it on/off as well as adjust your money, weapons inventory, etc.

R*/Take 2 decided at the last minute HC might be too controversial at the last minute & simply locked it out. Totally removing

it would affect too many other parts of the game. When it all came up, they ended up pulling the game so they could re-work

it to avoid a lawsuit & fines (failure to notify the ratings board over hidden content).

This link is older, but should help clear up.


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At the end of the day, if they ban GTAIV in UK but rlease it in the states, we'll all be downloading it illegally in that case (reluctantly, i would actually like to pay rockstar for their efforts), but it doesn't change the fact the people that moan and ban the games are morons that don't understand the simplest concept!

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