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What's in a name?


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So, what's in a name? What does it mean to you?

Talk about where you came up w/ your user name. Avatars & sigs are fair game also.

I'll start.

URBANOUTLAW, I've been called an outlaw as long as I can remember, like it. I added urban when i saw how much "outlaw"

got used on line & figured since I'm a city kid, it fit.

I like Edwardo from "Fosters", & the tricycle & AK are just funny to me. Kinda my way of not taking myself too seriously.

The flaming pile-up in my sig pic is just a random thing in San Andreas that stuck out.

So URBANOUTLAW is a big purple imaginary friend on a tricycle that causes mayhem & destruction.

Your turn.

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My first name: TEC 9. I just love that machine pistol.

My current name: WnN2. To coincide with my new XBL gamertag. It was short for WarningNeo 2. My first gamertag on the original Xbox was WarningNeo, so might as well give it a throwback. My gamertag has changed since then, but I don't feel like changing my username here anytime soon.

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Essi- Cuz it's the shorcut of my first name ( Frederick-Alexandre Essiwah)

Chamillionaire's "Don't Talk To Police" shirt - Because I don't like police since they tryed to pinn my neighborhood's school vadalism on me and 'cuz they ask me way too many questions when I wait to take the bus

T.I. ownin' Tony Gayo video - Simply because Yayo sucks and he got OWNED !

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YellowJacket is the name of my favourite character from Twisted Metal.

<3 Twisted Metal.

My name goes way back to the beginning of The GTA Place almost. No, like, seriously.... Short version, FTW, though. Pretty much me and my friend became Spaz and Pyro. I have a very spaz-like personality and such. Spaz The Great for multiple reasons. It actually spawns from my most egotistical period of life. Granted, I've become uber-depressive ass-fuck since then and have been trying to get back to the way I use to be, which is one of the reasons I started using Spaz The Great again. It's also because Spaz is way too common. There really aren't any other "Spaz The Great"s, though.

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I like a certain movie

Ive been thinking really hard and i cant seem to figure out what movie you like.


C.O.D: At the time being, I loved to play the FPS game Call of Duty, which you all know it's set on WWII, which is my favorite war.

Shifty: I watched the serie Band of Brothers, which is about WWII. My favorite character's nick-name is "Shifty".

Stickman: When I was in Bali, I met my little cousin (I can only meet her and the other cousins once a year), she was real cute and she called me Stickman because I was thin and tall LOL. I was really sad when I left my family. So STICKMAN it is!

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i was supposed to be "Artenemy"(my friend has a character named artfreak in warcraft that time, and i come up w/ this name to fight him in that game, it's a simple change from arch enemy, but that is like a long time ago when i was 12), my friend who also signed up w/ me (he never post though) told me if i named my account "Sweet"(because he named his account CJ or something)

and then since he cancel joining in, i combine the name and call it ArtSweet :lol:

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Chris = first name

82 = number that I used to tell people was my birth year (1982) on internet forums so they'd think I was older

My avatar is Fry from Futurama. One of the best shows around and I've been using that avatar for 2+ years

My sig is Claude from GTA3 and an eroded background which I think looks cool, as well as the DS sig and a userbar that says what I like. Oh and a link to my profile where you'll find the summary of TGTAP that I also wrote 2+ years ago.

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