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Massive GTA IV Advert in NYC Gets A Face-lift


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Remember the massive GTA IV advertisement in New York? Well it recently underwent a face-lift! The advertisement used to read "IV", and then "Coming Soon" underneath the giant logo, it was changed to the newest GTA IV logo, which reads "Grand Theft Auto IV" and they've taken out the "Coming Soon" from the ad. (Rockstar Games logo is still there, as is the ESRB "RP" rating, as is "RockstarGames.com".) They've changed it to the logo used on the official GTA IV site, which can be found here. Below are pictures of the building undergoing the changes:


Bigger versions of those images of the building can be found at "nicknormal"'s Flickr. If you want to see the building for yourself, it's located at "the corner of Greene Street and Canal in New York City". This seems to me, to be the final logo for the game. It's on the official website, they're using it on advertisements, it was in a few magazines, I'd expect to see this logo on the final box art for the game as well.

Thanks Gerard, Adriaan and nicknormal.

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good actually. you sound like an admin! :o

Yeah you did, before I came to the actual forum part of the site I thought it was Chris saying all this stuff. Haven't been around the forums lately, and saw the news team thingy below your name. Guessing some new thing, for members who dig up a lot of info? Pretty nice addition to the forums, I'll check it out in the Announcements Section.

But yeah, now people driving their cars by will know that GTA IV is coming soon! :D

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yay, now most of the people actually know what it is!

Yeah, really. I can imagine some people not knowing exactly what that giant "IV" meant. BTW guys, its my first news post. How did I do?

Top job, very professional indeed :).

As for the RP on the poster and website, the game isn't finished in development yet, as seen in Chris's story yesterday they are still recording voice overs. The game wouldn't have been sent away for rating yet, and I would say from the recent events with Manhunt 2, it's not something Rockstar are looking forward too.

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Nice job MishoM, good for your first news post.:) This will only help to increase the publicity for GTA 4, which can only be a good thing.

BTW guys, its my first news post. How did I do?

Credit your sources perhaps? http://www.gta4.net/news/3901/eye-vee-no-more/

Give the guy a break, he altered the post and made it his own. He didn't mention the source, but he's new and will learn things like this over time.

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