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Well, they're are six of em'. I accedently killed the one in drivers school. But, if you kill em' they'll be back in a month game time. Here are all the girlfriends locations (from momory)

There's the one in Drivers Ed, who's impressed with a bigger man (eat more)

Denise Robinson (Who's becomes your GF no matter what.)

There's Millie (Who becomes your GF no matter what after the casino mission "Keys to her heart."

There's Katie, who practices Tai-jit-su on the edge of the golf course in San Fierro. (She's my current GF, impressed by someone with a lot of muscle, and sex appeal above halfway. She's a nurse, so the perk of dating her is that she gets you out of the hostpital for free when you get wasted, and lets you keep all your weapons.)

There's some fat woman named Helena who's a police woman in the desert. I forget where you meet her, but she probably does the same things as Katie does, but she does it when you get busted. There's one in the badlands. I have to get my strategy book and tell you accuratly.

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