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the bratz movie9stupid or genius)

is this movie gonna suck  

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  1. 1. is though movie gonna suck

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It does suck; why do some ditzy piece of crap when you can make a more entertaining movie? After all, these Bratz whores had generated much controversy because of the fact that they teach kids how to be like Paris Hilton. And how come Paula Abdul appeared in this flick?

Maybe if you guys put Chloe or Sasha or any of the girls in the movie as one of the hookers in GTA then that would be better. :lol: Oh, and I've read in Wikipedia that the PC game Bratz: Rock Angelz, uses the same RenderWare engine as GTA 3...

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I was thinking of making fun of the above movie poster, or even the website itself, like what I did to Shirley Temple's homepage. Maybe a comedy song about them would be fun, too... :lol:

I would definitely put their faces in San Andreas for some shooting fun... Bratz drive-by, anyone? Yeah, imagine seeing them being pwned at a drive-by shooting incident in SA... :D

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Hillary Clinton and the so-called *experts* should have sued the guys behind Bratz instead of Rockstar and the gaming community for teaching kids how to be like Paris Hilton. MGA Entertainment is the real culprit because they target the little girls and turn them into potential hookers... Boycott the stupid Bratz whorez dolls, kids! :pissedred:

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