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San Andreas Gang Guide

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A Fuck U i could tell you every thang dumb shit so you got problem then fuck u i dont give a fuck, ha bet you dont know who Madd Doggs manager's name is, i want you to tell me when you find out, then i could tell you pay attention to the damn game.

Well thats a stupid question becuase madd dogg's manager is CJ becuase you never get given Madd Dogg's original manager's name. See i know that your wrong now becuase you couldn't come back to assult i gave you on the gangs so you thought youcould give me a question that might shut me up, but it didn't and whatever you say to me about San Aandreas and how you know more about it than i do.....I'm just gonna refer to your ultra large ego....that sound good?


fucking keel that lamo

k9 nice guide and you obviously know this game back to front lol.

some people are just fucking retards :\

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You can't cancel your account, once you've made a account, you can't remove your membership after that. Besides, why would you say this is all wrong when most of this guide has reliable information, especially when he gathered it from each site. It is even added to the main homepage. So how can this be unreliable? If you can answer that, go ahead, but I believe everything is correct on this guide.

Also, only 1 person can use 1 account.

By the way, your attitude is REALLY poor, because basically, telling someone to watch Discovery Channel is like a insult, and we can't allow idiot like you to piss off other members.

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just jokin', realy, ha know, ha bummer, ha killaz, ha smart, ha go watch the dicovery channel

Man i know those cats there dumb asses i go to school with them


This is just like Warner,he`s gonna end up getting banned so I`m just gonna stay out of this.

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Alright i apologize to everyone can we please end this and im will not let anyone use this account no more so this account is done

I'll believe it when I see it and some time passes.

BTW, reps to you K9 for the guide.

It's pretty sweet/awesome.

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