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The Principal's Office


Principal's Office  

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Well looking back over my school years, I've been to the principal's office quite a few times :P Never been suspended or anything though. This topic is to tell your stories that got you into the principal's office or suspended or MAYBE expelled ^_^

I'll start. This isn't my most serious one but this is a funny one I think. Well it was one of the last days of school (happened this year) and the day just ended. Me and a couple of friends were hanging around the school and since I climbed the school roof my friend has been asking me how to do it for a long time. I told him how to do it that day but he was still puzzled. And since he got a bit annoying I just said: Fuck it let's go. So me and my friend Kevin climbed the school and like idiots started running around on the roof. We were having fun, didn't think the teachers could hear us but then we realized the spot we were running around was right about the school office. Then I phoned my friend who was downstairs looking out for teachers and he told us that teachers were walking around trying to see on top of the roof if we were there. And in the end we ended up being found by a teacher who went on the roof as well. Next thing the vice principal's office and a little lecture. We gave a fake story about why we went up there (it involved looking for a volley ball :bleh:) Lucky us we just got detention and cleaning the school cafeteria for a day and that's it. Something else that's funny is that my English teacher saw me up there and the next day gave me a little lecture. It was pretty funny. Now everyone tell me their stories!

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In eight grade, I wrote some messed up note about the seventh graders. Saying stuff, like "Fuck the 7th grade" and "Death to Them" with intentionally horrid grammar. I left it in my desk, and then some bitch found it and shown it to the teacher. I was called to the office near the end of the day, and was told I was gonna be suspended if they found out I wrote it. I convinced the principal that I didn't write it, despite evidence suggesting otherwise. The fact that is was found in my desk and shared my handwriting didn't deter me.

I pulled some amazing explanations out of my ass! I mean, I told him that was trash I found in my desk a few weeks ago. (Several people have left trash in my desk in the past.) I said that I change my handwriting from time to time, although he didn't really believe that. So, I went on to say that someone from a different class could have copied my handwriting. You know what? He actually fucking believed that! I got off scott-free!

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Haha what a moron! This one is actually really stupid but whatever: One time over lunch I went to my friends house. We came like two minutes late (for the same English teacher that spazzed at me for climbing the roof) and she thought we were smoking O.O and asked to smell my friend Jordan's hands. I dunno why the fuck she would send us to the office for being late but whatever all we got was a warning for in school suspension and miss a bit of class >.<

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The tip is to play it off like you don't know shit. And always have a gameplan and stick with it. Have very few inconsistancies, perferrably none. I had only one inconsistance with my story. When they showed me the note, I said that was the first time I've seen it. I later changed my story to "I may have seen it before, but it could have been some trash someone else threw in my desk."

I should go into acting.

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Oh no Atrur, I've been suspended numerous times. 7 times this year in I recall. 6 or 7, nothing to be proud of though dude....but I love the fact that the whole school loves me, well besides Mr. Weidermann. Mother fu**er lol :P .

Oh yeah, remember that thread about yawning detentions, and having detention with stupid detention lady Ms. McCalister. She died, a couple months after that. In lunch I said she had it coming with cancer and obesity, then a TA(teachers assistant that I later find out she's a relative of her) says am I happy she's dead! I said no but she deffinetly had it coming. That my friend was one suspention, lol...

Edit: Oh, I'm not back btw....

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My school are, well of lack of a better word: pussies. They won't do anything, they're all bark, no bite.

I'm taking a year's break from this place. I'll come and post a couple times every few months but for the most part I'll log on to collect $$ I guess. I got grounded again, got off groundation, got grounded again, and then got off groundation. Basically I didn't have any urge to come here again.....but I will just tak like a year brake. If I want to come back on I will I guess...

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You guys are mibors compared to me....I got a 4 week suspension(2 weeks at home and 2 weeks inschool) for fighting and smoking best 4 weeks of my life doing nothing and just watching the day go by it was awesome.

Private or Public School?

A normal fight and smoking couldn't get you 4 weeks suspension in a public school.

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You guys are mibors compared to me....I got a 4 week suspension(2 weeks at home and 2 weeks inschool) for fighting and smoking best 4 weeks of my life doing nothing and just watching the day go by it was awesome.

is that the best you can do :P

just kidding :lol: , mine's worse than that, i've been called almost 4 times(the fourth time is when i should be expelled)

1. skipped school and go to another town, was caught because teachers called our parents, they found it very hard to believe that 9 boys sick at the same day from the same class

2. caught fighting, even though i wasn't in it, me and my friends went to back up one of the kid(my other friend), was caught because it was a very noisy fight and it happened outside

3. caught smoking, i know, some of you guys hate smoke, but me? nah, i often smoke in the school's toilet, parking lot, gym locker, etc, was caught because the gym teacher smell something burning, and as it turns out it wasn't a fire :P

that's my high school proud days, and trust me, there are more days to come B)

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