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Serious potential issue when I buy by X360 or PS3


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Okay, I am now planning to get either an X360 or PS3.....but one thing has just hit me..the consoles are "HDTV" or whatever, right? I only have a normal standard TV, and a flat-panel VGA monitor....so is it still possible for me to use either console?!?! Furthermore, I was really hoping to use the console I get with my VGA LCD monitor, and I thought when I found something that goes from PS3 to DVI, and then a DVI to VGA converter "yes!" but realised then how will I get audio out of the system?!?! But yeah any insight or links to something relevant and useful will be highly appreciated!

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Well I sorted it out, ordered myself an XBOX360 Premium (20GB) :D for £205 and now ordering games, so far I will have:

Saints Row

Forza Motorsport 2


Burnout Revenge

And I've just gone and preordered:

Alan Wake

and of course......GTAIV WOOOOOOO Edition!!!! Well okay just the normal edition but hey.

And if anybody else is thinking of getting an XBOX360 to hook up to their PC monitor and speakers.....it only cost me £15, you need an official XBOX360 to VGA (and 2 X RCA) connector - plug the VGA into your monitor, then get a 2XRCA to 1X 3.5mm audio jack cable, and plug it into your speakers/amp....I let y'all know if it works when it all arrives :D

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